3 Reasons Why Magazines Tell You You’re Beautiful

We like reading magazines

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We like reading magazines, especially those that tell us what we want to hear. There’s nothing like going through a magazine and eating up all the compliments thrown at you. It’s like an endless buffet of chicken and peanut butter and YOU have all access to it. Magazines give you the kind of messages leading you to be happy and confident. Now you feel ready to conquer the world…UNTIL you turn to the next page and BOOM! It’s smack dead in the center, “Drop 4 Dress Sizes in 4 Weeks with this Protein Supplement.” But WAIT, one minute you’re beautiful and the next thing you know it’s time to purchase a waist cincher. Want to know the secret behind the constant flattery from magazines? Stay tuned and we’ll also reveal why they don’t share those compliments so often.

Grow Some Superwoman Muscles

Focusing on a woman’s strength will not only build those muscles but also the mind. Lifting becomes a therapeutic, safe haven for women to release tension. The thoughts you have in your mind determines your destiny. Magazines want you to know that by building muscles, you will be able to build strength, overcoming insurmountable battles and achieving your goals.

Build the Confidence to Chuck Up the Deuces to Underserving Men

Are you constantly asking your guy if that dress makes you look fat? Do you ask him if you look better with or without makeup? Women are constantly seeking approval from a man. Instead of being afraid of him cheating or falling for someone else, magazines build your confidence, letting you know that strong is the new sexy. From lifting, you will truly gain an understanding of self worth, allowing confidence to show through all the sweat equity put into the gym. Confidence will let the guy know that it is HE who just won the lottery by picking such a strong, sexy woman. If he can’t see that, then peace out!

To Create More Leaders Instead of Gain More Followers

People will post the most provocative pictures on Instagram. From showing more boobs than gains in a selfie, all of these tactics are done to gain more followers. Magazines tell you you’re beautiful so you don’t feel like you have to do all those shenanigans. Realizing your inner beauty and the benefits of working out, you can empower women to acknowledge how fitness and personal development goes hand in hand.

While half of a magazine will glorify how wonderfully made you are, that same feeling will disappear about halfway into the magazines. HERE’S WHY.

The Missing X Factor

Let’s face it. Nearly 100% of all images in magazines are PHOTOSHOPPED! Everything from the skin tone to thigh gaps and of course those waist lines. It’s unrealistic to think you-an authentic beautifully made human creature can match up to something artificial. Magazines with such photos are always making you feel like being yourself is never enough.

All About the Benjamins Baby

Magazines know that the same women who believe in natural beauty are the same ones who wish they can just see massive gains, have flawless skin and of course a nice butt. So, advertisements will sell you on the latest waist cincher, protein supplement and reasons why your fitness gear are so last season.

Leave You Growing Deaf of Who You Are

The opinions of magazines have such loud voices. With mass audience support and gorgeous fit women on the front cover, you can grow deaf to the beauty of who you are and fall into a trap of who you are supposed to be.

Feel beautiful with simply just being, without the additives. Some may crave that apple with peanut butter. While others can appreciate its goodness as is. As for lifters, we’ll take the peanut butter too! When you change the way you think about you, you increase your worth, not because of the magical BCAA pills sold at your gym. Submitting your life to these beauty magazines will just leave you either begging for daily approval or passing out after attempting to squat three times your weight. The world has enough artificial women who not only live for people on Instagram but also live in a life of masked insecurity. Magazines should teach women how to do hard tasks. Dealing with the responsibilities of being a woman while radiating a strong, confident beauty for any lifter brings a lot of pressure. Relax! Take a deep breath. Remember, fitness is a journey designed by self not a destination created by false evidence appearing real.

Written By Sabine Milien

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