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5 Methods to Recognize People Who Use Steroids

When you see incredibly looking bodybuilders and other athletes, you might find yourself asking whether it’s possible to develop such an incredible physique naturally. This is easily understandable as people are curious about something they don’t know.

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If you find it difficult to recognize those who use steroids, then remember the signs below as they are the easiest method to recognize juicers without performing any medical tests.

However, keep in mind that these signs aren’t absolute and even if a person has many of these signs, there might be a chance that that person isn’t juicing.

5 Methods to Recognize Steroid Users

1. Too Big Upper Body Muscles

5 Methods to Recognize People Who Use Steroids 2

While some people have bigger upper body compared to their legs because of a specific training regime, genetics, diseases, or any other reason, overly big upper body is one of the signs of juicing.

The reason behind this is that upper body has more androgen receptors, which make the upper body grow bigger if a person juices compared to the lower body, which has fewer androgen receptors.

But most often, people have too tiny legs because they aren’t serious about their leg training, so you shouldn’t trust this sign too much.

2. Stretch Marks

5 Methods to Recognize People Who Use Steroids 3

If a person’s weight increases or decreases too fast, the skin, even though it’s pretty elastic, might not have enough time to stretch and leave stretch marks. Also, it sometimes happens to teenagers if they grow at a rapid rate.

It also can happen to those who use steroids because steroids help to grow muscle mass and lose body fat much faster than while doing it naturally. If a person has stretch marks on the biceps, pectorals, or upper lats, there is a huge chance that that person juices.

3. Increased Growth of Body Hair

5 Methods to Recognize People Who Use Steroids 4

While it’s difficult to spot whether a person started to grow more body hair as almost everyone has more or less body hair or just shave it, this is another sign that you can use to recognize juicers.

Because most athletes prefer to shave their body hair, especially if we talk about females, the best time to look for this sign is when you see a sudden change in a person’s physique.

4. Hair Loss

5 Methods to Recognize People Who Use Steroids 5

If a person is genetically prone to baldness, using steroids can speed up hair loss because of high levels of DHT. However, if a person isn’t genetically prone to baldness, then there is a very tiny chance that that person will become bald just from using steroids as steroids can’t cause hair loss themselves, only speed it up.

5. Unbelievable Gains

5 Methods to Recognize People Who Use Steroids 6

Finally, the easiest way to recognize steroid users is to look at their overall physique. It goes especially for those who were super thin or fat and after a few months started looking like professional athletes.

If a person grows muscle mass naturally, then the person can increase his/her body weight by about two pounds per month. Some of this body weight will be body fat, but most of it’ll be muscle mass.

If a person started working out for the first time in his/her life or after at least six months of inactivity, then muscle growth results can be faster, but only for no more than two to three months. Then it gets back to normal speed.

5 Methods to Recognize People Who Use Steroids 7

While a healthy way to lose weight is about two to three pounds per week, so it takes at least four times less time than building muscle mass if this process is performed correctly.

With the help of steroids, you can grow muscle mass and lose weight simultaneously. Of course, you can also do it naturally, but it requires following a strict regime and even then it doesn’t mean that it’ll work. Moreover, using steroids can help to grow muscle mass and lose weight at least twice as fast, so it makes it much easier to transform your physique.

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