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This 7-Day Sex Challenge Can Change Your Life For The Better

Most of us at some point have dreamed of a life where we only had sex, and everything else took care of itself. What if we gave you a few reasons to have sex every day? Would you be indulging in the act every day then?

The 7-day sex challenge is much more than just a sassy name. Getting in the sheets with your partner has more benefits than it’s credited for. Scientists could come up with a more convenient method if making babies was the only reason to have sex.

Here is why you should give the 7-day sex challenge a try:

1. You’ll Get Closer To Your Partner

This 7-Day Sex Challenge Can Change Your Life For The Better

Having sex isn’t just about getting physical. Making love can bring you and your partner closer, both physically and psychological. Feeling a loss of connection with your partner? Take this seven day challenge.

If this is the case, the only challenge would be to get him/her on board with this idea. Once you give this a try, there will be a huge chance of you building a deeper relationship. You’ll definitely feel the love reignite through this challenge.

2. It Releases Happy Hormones

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Our fast-paced life leaves most of us with a lot of stress and tension. Everyone has something they need to take care of, whether it’s work life, home life, or love life.

During sex, our body releases the hormone called endorphins. This hormone has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and combat depression. Do you seriously need any more reasons to get friendly with your partner in bed tonight?

3. You Might Make More Money

This 7-Day Sex Challenge Can Change Your Life For The Better 2

Studies show that people who have sex more than four times per week earn more money than those who do not. Who doesn’t want to earn more money and have sex? Don’t believe us? Check out the study here.

If you don’t have a partner, it’s time you start looking for one. An investment in a better half now can pay huge dividends later in life. As Einstein once said, “Compound interest is man’s greatest invention.”

4. You Get A Great Workout

This 7-Day Sex Challenge Can Change Your Life For The Better 3

This is a no-brainer. You might have run away from a gym saying you don’t have enough time to go workout. But there is no chance you can run away from sex with this excuse. Even if you could, would you?

Intense sex can turn into a great cardio session. Running on the treadmill getting boring? Take a week off from the gym and run those sheets instead. We’re sure your partner wouldn’t mind this either.

5. It Helps You Sleep

This 7-Day Sex Challenge Can Change Your Life For The Better 4

Having trouble sleep? Studies show the hormone produced after an orgasm, prolactin, is responsible for the relaxed vibes and sleepiness after sex.

Having sex right before bed also takes away all the stress you might have carried onto the next day. Sex also a great way to help you fall asleep, if you were otherwise addicted to checking your phone in bed. Hello, seven days of deep sleep.

6. Reduces The Chance Of Prostate Cancer

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The American Medical Association conducted a study proving that men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month were less likely to get prostate cancer. On this challenge, your chances of getting prostate cancer reduce by one-third.

If the AMA is right, we suggest you continuing this challenge for the rest of your life. We’re sure your partner would never deny you sex after you tell him/her about this article.

7. It Helps Build A Stronger Immune System

This 7-Day Sex Challenge Can Change Your Life For The Better 5

Sexually active people statistically take fewer sick days. People who have sex frequently, have a better defense mechanism against germs, viruses, and other intruders. Having regular sex improves the antibody production in your body.

Enjoying sex too much? Call in sick and spend time in the sheets instead of at the doctor’s office.

8. Helps With Bladder Control In Women

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A good number of women complain of a small bladder at some point in their lives. Your pelvic floor is responsible for the smooth functioning of the urinary glands in women. Sex helps in make your pelvic floor much stronger.

An orgasm during sex contracts the muscles in the pelvic floor, making them stronger. So ladies, if you’re tired of using the loo way too often, this could be the solution you have been waiting for. You won’t believe the difference at the end of these seven days.

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