Don’t Stress Over These Daily Body Fluctuations—They’re Normal!


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Our bodies are ever-changing; If we don’t learn to accept these daily fluctuations, it’ll send us into a downward spiral of anxiety. As women, we have feelings, sensitivity, and intuitions. Therefore, it’s safe to say that we do pick up on some of these subtle daily body changes.

There are some days when I wake up feeling “fat.” Most likely it’s because I decided to have an epic cheat meal the night before. So, I pay the consequences of waking up extremely bloated, in which I accept because we all know that it’s totally worth it. When your body isn’t in the exact state you’re attached to, don’t panic!

These fluctuations are perfectly normal. Let’s dig into a handful of changes your body might go through on a daily basis, which could trigger this attachment anxiety.

1. Water Retention

Let’s say you have been eating well and regularly hittin’ the gym. You look in the mirror and think to yourself, DAMN! I love the way I am looking right now. You’re feeling confident about the results from your diet and workouts. That night, you go out with some friends and eat some delicious food. Food that’s clearly not a part of the plan. You wake up the next morning, feeling like a balloon.

What caused the overnight change you might ask? WATER RETENTION. No, you did not gain a bunch of fat in less than 24 hours. That’s completely impossible. Salt, water, carbs, and even alcohol can cause you to hold on to some water weight. Stress can also invite your body to hold on to some water due to the hormone cortisol. If you’re getting plenty of sleep and happy all week, as if you were on vacation, your levels are most likely low. Some habitual lifestyle changes such as getting plenty of rest, de-stressing, and eating less processed foods can help you de-puff. However, don’t beat yourself up about it. Water fluctuations are completely normal!


2. Menstruation

The evil Aunt Flo who visits us on a monthly basis causing a variety of body changes: water retention, breast size, digestive and emotional issues, fatigue, bloating, and cramping. One week of the month sucks, and we all know this, but it doesn’t have to. We can take a different point of view and learn to love our cycle. Instead of allowing ourselves to become grumpy and angsty, maybe we should use this one week a month for some quiet and restful me-time.

3. The Pump

When you are training your muscles, those muscles become full of blood, which us gym rats like to call “the pump.” If you’re new to weight training, this explains why you may feel like you’re getting “big” after a workout. But don’t worry, ladies, this does not mean you’re getting “bulky.” The pump is normal and temporary, just like any other part of your body’s day-to-day cycle. The pump should be empowering because it’s a result of doing something good! So have no fear! Be happy and learn to love the pump!

4. Debunking The Myth of Flat Abs

We should never monitor our fitness progress through the appearance of our bellies. This leads to complete exhaustion and becomes an emotional disaster. Do you want to know why you might wake up with flat abs? It’s because you’re probably dehydrated with empty bowels. You’ll drink a glass of water and then suddenly your abs are not as flat.

As women, our middles hold digestive organs AND reproductive organs. We need that extra padding to protect these vital organs. Thanks to Photoshop and common misconceptions, we tend to forget what real stomachs actually look like. During PMS, that uterus thing we have ascends higher in preparation for a baby. This may cause our bellies to stick out a little more than usual. For our own sanity, this is the reason we must stop this misconception that bellies are always supposed to look completely flat. THEY’RE NOT!

We are all sensitive to these subtle changes that happen with our bodies. Ladies, let’s be present in our own bodies and shine with confidence and radiance, no matter what state our body is in.


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