9 Things Strong, Confident Women Do Differently

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Let’s face it, as fit chicks, we all fancy ourselves as strong, confident women. But what is it that strong, confident women do differently on a daily basis that gives them their kick-ass attitude to life? Let me explain:

1. They Don’t Go out of Their Way to Follow the Latest Trends

“When did ripped jeans come back?” Um…who cares? Strong, confident women don’t need society to determine or approve what they should wear or own. If I like the latest trend of cowboy ponchos in crazy prints, great! Until then, my leggings and comfy tees will do just fine.
tumblr_mdsxdzwno21qfj8b4o1_2502. They Don’t Suppress Their Feelings

Strong women aren’t afraid to acknowledge and share their feelings with others, so you can bet they’ll let you know what’s on their mind. Holding stupid grudges or ignoring text messages is high school shit. Strong, confident women prefer to clear the air and have their point heard. They give apologizies when necessary and also know how to accept them. ‘I wish we could all just bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles..’ Okay, I’ll leave it there.Ijusthavealotoffeelings_zps875f47fa3. They Understand the Importance of Self-Care

It’s beautiful to create happiness in other people’s lives. However, before they’re ale to do so, they understand the importance of their own happiness before using their strength to help others. Having alone time to reflect on your thoughts can lead to great things. Whether it’s a massage, bubble bath, or yoga, recharging with “me-time” is key to happiness. giphy4. They Don’t Expect Perfection From Themselves

If we were all perfect, the world would be a very boring place. Strong, confident women are not disheartened by their imperfections. Instead, they set high but realistic expectations to be the best version of themselves. You will never please everyone, and you can bet the minute you drop the people-pleasing syndrome,  your self-confidence will soar!tumblr_my7j94wfFH1t20qeao1_5005. They Don’t Waste Time Worrying About Things They Can’t Control

When did worrying ever help a situation? Worrying creates self-destructive emotions and stops you from living life to the fullest. When something is out of their control, strong women don’t waste time. They learn to channel their energy into something more productive, allowing fate to take its course. Let it go! Take all that negative energy out at the gym or learn something new. Less stress, more success!Come-at-me-bro-GIF
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6. They Are Passionate About What They Do

Success is bread from passion. When you’re passionate about what you do, whether it’s a hobby, career or relationship, you will reap the rewards. Successful women don’t do things by halves, but they also don’t expect immediate results. Unleash that inner diva! Dedicate yourself and success will soon follow.GIF-Beyonce-fierce-proud-success-win-winner-GIF7. They Marry Well or Not at All

Strong, confident women don’t settle. To marry someone who compliments and flourishes your life is to marry well. They settle for this, and nothing less. Picking up dirty boxers off the bedroom floor for mediocracy? Nope! Until Mister Right, we’re just fine and dandy doing our thing, thank you!if-need-be-ill-marry-myself8. They Believe They Will Be Successful and Know Failure and Success Go Hand-in-Hand

Confident women have no room for self-doubt. Change can be the scariest thing in the world but without it, we prevent ourselves from growing. Success isn’t measured by how many times we fall, but how many times we rise again. Strong women embrace the highs with the lows and aren’t afraid of risk. Believe in yourself, and you’re already halfway there. Bouncing back from failure will only make you stronger.tumblr_m21bmcIU4r1qcmfnio1_5009. They’re Grateful for Those Around Them

They may seem to always be looking out for their best interest, but strong, confident women appreciate those who ride along with them on their journey. Other’s loyalty and help does not go unnoticed. d8159f47-da3a-4c8c-b195-95c21992275f

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