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You know that moment when you’re all pumped from a workout, breathless and dripping with sweat? You can barely move because you’ve worked your butt off and your legs are throbbing, but you muster up your last bit of energy to stagger over to your trusted companion – the one you hope will share in your state of post-workout euphoria? You place one foot on after another and then in slow motion you look down at the dial as the scale stares right back at you screaming YOU’VE PUT ON 2 POUNDS. And just like that your high is gone.

Suddenly, instead of feeling a sense of hulk-like achievement you lose all form of motivation and begin questioning everything you’ve been doing. I mean the scales don’t lie right? Wrong! The scales can’t tell you s**t and if you’re not convinced yet, you will be after reading this.

Scales Are Downright Dirty Liars

Reality check alert! Scales cannot decipher what time of the month it is, if you ate a cheat meal the night before or if you’ve just chugged down a gallon of water. All of these factors can affect your weight momentarily and cause fluctuations. The scale is quick to point out these gains, leaving you wondering how the hell you managed to gain 3 pounds in a day, when it took a month to lose them.

Likewise, scales do not have the ability to differentiate between muscle and fat. If you’ve been putting in work with the weights you may see a weight increase or less of a weight decrease than expected because of all those extra muscles. In other words weight does not necessarily equal fat – crazy huh?

So before you let the scales tell you you’ve put on that extra fat you’ve been working so hard to lose, ditch it and whip out a tape measure instead. Check how your clothes are fitting or wait until you’ve digested that extra helping of nachos you devoured as a treat after eating clean all week. These are much better ways to determine how much your body has changed.

Scales Will Steal Your Joy

Can you explain how and when you allowed the scales to become the benchmark of your happiness? Would you listen to the scales if they told you not to rock that awesome new top to the gym because it didn’t like it? HELL NO! So why would you let the scales tell you what you’ve been doing in the gym isn’t good enough?

Your sense of achievement should be based on loads of different factors. Can you lift heavier weights now? Do you have more energy? Can you see a little muscle popping that wasn’t there before? You shouldn’t base your happiness on a number alone, especially one that doesn’t tell you anything of real value. So what if your weight hasn’t changed since last week, you just did a pull-up, you can practically take over the world now!

Scales Are Like the Real Life Version of Mean Girls

Scales totally make you compare yourself to others and not in a motivating and positive way. All bodies are different and all individuals are at different levels and stages of their fitness journey. Using the number on the scale to define your health and fitness goals in relation to other people is dangerous and damn right silly. Someone who is 5ft tall and petite is going to have a completely different healthy body weight compared to a 6ft Amazonian.

Do you want to lose so much weight you don’t even have the strength to lift 5kg, just so you weigh the same as your favourite celebrity? No, because that would be ridiculous.

Scales Will Kill Your Motivation

Scales are like dream killers, they’ll take your hopes, your confidence and your determination and they’ll stomp on them until they lie curled up in a little ball too afraid to step inside the gym ever again. Now I might be exaggerating a little bit, but you get the drift. That horrid little step isn’t going to show you how good you look in your hot new dress or pat you on the back after you’ve put in work with the free weights. Oh no, it’s only ever going to drain your willpower and leave you confused, frustrated and ready to give up. Every time you workout, eat clean or focus on living healthily. You are making progress, so why let a metal, clunky object with no feelings tell you otherwise? Ultimately if you do that you’re never going to get the results you want.

Scales Will Brainwash You Into Forming Bad Habits

By focusing all your habits on what’s showing up on those nasty scales, you’re letting them dictate how you live your life. Ever been disappointed that the numbers aren’t going down fast enough, so you start eating less or doing more cardio in the hope to see a difference? Well stop, now! Under-eating or running for an extra 3 hours everyday are not positive habits and they certainly won’t provide you with long term, healthy results.

Listen to your body. It needs fuel to survive and it sure as hell needs fuel to be able to exercise effectively and maintain lasting results. The scales aren’t going to be there to help you if you pass out on the treadmill.

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