A Fit Woman’s Dirty Little Secrets

Hide that ice cream and so much more.

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So you don’t think fit women have dirty little secrets? Think again. Come on now, all girls just want to have a bit of fun and folly some of the time. Some things on the list may surprise or even shock you, but most aren’t that bad, some can actually be considered healthy.


Practice Squats While Peeing In the Shower

Shocked? Don’t be. This is actually not gross, but healthy. Doing squats helps your quads, hamstrings and buttocks, but also works on your balance. She is also helping the planet and not wasting water flushing the toilet. It’s the cleanest way to urinate.

Think about it, a shower cleans you better than any amount of toilet paper. Do those squats and pee, you never know when you will need to squat and pee in the woods, and you will be ready to do so if the situation arises.

Can’t Do Abs Workouts Without Masturbating

For some women, the action involved in doing sit up and crunches stimulates their clitoris to the point they need relief. Yep, some must do so during or right after their ab workout. Some women enjoy working out with pole dancing and in doing so this, it stimulates them sexually.

Whether it is having sex with their trainer, in the gym’s bathroom or maturbating at home while working out. Fit women feel attractive, sexy and confident. It may not have always been that way, but after much exercise and looking at their bodies, fitness has become a turn on. Many turn to their trainers <gasp>.

These women aren’t looking for a relationship, but a sexual workout. What better way than sneaking away in the gym or going to your trainer’s place for a sexual workout. Yep…that’s one dirty little secret for sure.

Image result for woman turned on by abs

Fit women explore sexual positions and make it their fitness goal to be able to do them. One good reason why they like to have sexual workouts either with their trainers or their fit boyfriend is to use their body strength and flexibility to enhance their sex lives. The challenge is in the bedroom as well.

No underwear under those spandex shorts and nothing under that skirt…mmm hmmm. Got no jiggle from your firm derriere? Then you don’t need to wear that underwear. Of course, not all fit women feel this confident all the time, but many prefer to ditch the thong and just go commando.


You may think fit women are just popular, but a lot of them are nerds as well. That’s right. Margaret Thatcher was a nerd and an exercise enthusiast. In recent years, we are seeing more of this trend. Take Olympic gold medal-winning figure skater Sarah Hughes and Shannon Miller, the most decorated gymnast of all time. Sarah Hughes is a Yale graduate, and Shannon Miller is a lawyer. Fitness is not just skin deep.

Sarah Hughes was the last American woman to win a gold medal in figure skating.

A Fit Woman Likes to Drink and Party

Yep, she’s no different than you other than she will do double time on her exercise routine to recover, and she also recovers quicker because she is in shape.

Would you think a fit woman running on the treadmill might have toked on cannabis before coming to the gym? No? Well you just might be wrong there. Some women enjoy the stimulating high of a good sativa, which energizes your entire body prior to working out, while some enjoy a good indica for sore muscles at bedtime.

Fit women don’t spend hours working out. They learn what works for them, alternate workouts every other day to work on certain areas and they have more time to enjoy life than being at the gym or working out at home.

Live a LittleImage result for girl hammered drunk

Fit women know it’s not always worthy of depriving yourself of a treat. Some fit women binge on ice cream or cookies, or maybe they go for the Doritos or potato chips. Restricting your “bad” food intake is healthy, but sometimes it is best to “treat” yourself to help you mentally and emotionally. Fit women understand balance. Do a few more minutes of cardio and don’t skip a workout.

Not all fit women were born with athletic prowess, or what you may consider good family genes. Many women have fought their way to be fit. Many had poor self image and poor body image throughout their lives. They decided to take control of their lives. That is their “dirtiest secret.”

They know who they are, they love themselves, and they can control their lives by eating healthy, working out, having a positive attitude and enjoying all life has to offer. So the next time you see a fit woman, maybe she is that way because she has many dirty little secrets that challenge her daily.

So there you have it. Dirty little secrets may enhance your workouts and your lifestyle. Being fit doesn’t mean you can’t live a bit outside the box, just the opposite. Do what makes it work for you, dirty little secrets and all.

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