8 Basic Tips To Torch Belly Fat Immediately

Stick to these tips to torch the fat away

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Your workout is on point and your cardio is on point, but something’s still not right. You still can’t shake off that bulking season belly fat. Hey, it happens – belly fat isn’t that easy to get rid of. To have a smooth, flat, chiseled torso, you’re going to need much more than just doing 1000 crunches a day.

So let’s jump right into it; here are some tips on how to get that rid of the gut:

1. No Alcohol

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This isn’t much of a tip, as it is more of a statement. If you want to have your abs start showing, alcohol is one of the things you’ll have to drop. Booze is just empty calories and that’s not even getting into how much sugar you consume every time you go out clubbing with the crew and start downing Jaeger bombs.

2. Cut Down On The Carbs

Another tip to look like a shredded God is to watch your carb intake. When you slowly cut down on the carbs, your appetite will be suppressed and that will start the weight loss. If you don’t believe us, hear what Arnold has to say about eating complex carbs.

3. Eat Lots of Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber aids in digestion and help make you feel satiated longer. This means you won’t be getting any sugar cravings every two hours. Studies have shown eating foods high in fiber specifically helps in decreasing belly fat storages.

4. Prepare Your Meals in Advance

Preparing your meals in advance is crucial to losing weight so you won’t fall into the trap of stopping by your local fast food joint for lunch. This way, you have your meal locked and loaded waiting for you to chomp down on it.

If you are low on time, spare some Sunday laziness time for a quick meal prep session. It will not only save you time over the week, but it will also save you the money you would spend on Whoppers, Big Macs and what not.

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5. Reduce Stress

There is no point in saying that stress is bad, because that’s pretty obvious. However, it is kind of important to point out that stress can and will make you gain weight.

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When you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called “Cortisol”. This hormone promotes appetite and fat storage in the midsection of your body. Next time you’re feeling stressed out, just look at the motivational picture above to get some positive thoughts your way.

6. Sleep More

Every bodybuilder will tell you; sleep is essential in muscle growth, feeling good, recovering from workouts and losing fat. Give yourself a good night’s sleep and you will start seeing fat loss results and feel good feelings.

7. Give Fasting a Try

Intermittent fasting has been shown to help burn fat and get shredded. There are various methods of intermittent fasting; the hardcore version says you should not eat anything for 24 hours twice per week, while other says you shouldn’t eat anything in a period of 16 hours while consuming your food in a 8 hour period. If you are new to fasting, your best bet is to not overdo it. Try skipping dinner and eating breakfast a bit later the next day for starters.

8. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is awesome if you are trying to burn fat. It’s filled with caffeine which helps burn fat, give you energy while on a calorie deficit, and keeps your metabolism stoked. Just try looking up any fat burner you can think of, chances are they have a “green tea extract” listed as one of their ingredients.

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