Sistas Before Mistas: Why Women Make Better Workout Buddies

Maybe it's time to make the switch!

Boss Workouts Shape and Burn

The days of bros in short-shorts dominating the free weights section of the gym are over. Sure, it’s appealing to some. But it’s all fun and games until a bro is spotting you while bench pressing and your eyes slide up his shorts.


Women have taken their rightful place by the iron and overtaken bros in many areas. They’re now in demand as trainers and workout partners. I can hear the clatter of weights hitting the gym floor in protest as bros leap to their feet, straining those underdeveloped legs. How is that even possible, you shriek? Women don’t even train chest twice a week. Chill, bros. Grab a protein shake, take the weight off, and let me fill you in.

Women Rock As Trainers

Women are great listeners. Maybe it’s the lack of ear hair; maybe it’s science. Studies show women process language with both sides of their brains while men only use the left. The ability to pick up on throwaway comments can give a trainer insight on why a client’s weight loss has stalled or why they’ve hit a plateau. This translates into more gains for you.

Rene03-740x416Also, women are less intimidating. Except for Rene Campbell, she is intimidating AF (When people walk too close, they sometimes get pulled into her gravitational field and are forced to orbit her). However, the newest breed of female trainer is an ordinary fit woman. Often in their 30s, they are passionate about helping people. Their personal journey to fitness is inspirational to women and men, especially those new to training.
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What Do Female Workout Buddies Have That Bros Don’t?

Commitment. Another thing women are great at! We don’t like to do things alone (like go to the bathroom). Maybe it’s because our spirit animal is a wolf: We work best when part of a pack. If you’re struggling to commit to your workouts, find yourself a woman and let her herd you onto the gain train

Workout list

In case you’re stuck orbiting Rene and have yet to meet an ordinary female workout buddy, we love lists. Whether they’re of exercises that will help our booties grow or tracking your deadlift progress, we do more than the average gym bro. That can only help us succeed!

We Know That Feel, Bro-ette

As empathic creatures, we understand pain in ways men cannot. Has a man ever had a sports bra wardrobe malfunction? No? Didn’t think so. Also, we’re incredibly intuitive creatures. We can work out what makes you tick and use that shit against you. But maybe we’ll use it to help push you through that last set of weighted lunges.


Never underestimate the importance of competitiveness as a motivational tool. Men will do three sets of 10 barbell squats because it’s in their program. We’ll hold a wall sit for an extra two minutes if that means beating the woman across from us. Even if that means we can’t walk, sit, or stand for the next three days. We bring that to every workout.

If you want to take things to the next level, maybe it’s time to switch.

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