7 Reasons To Stay The F*ck Away From Steroids

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Steroids are f*cking gross, plain and simple. Whether you’re shooting a needle into your ass or popping pills like Flintstone vitamins, the results are not attractive. I mean, unless you have a thing for dudes who look like swollen ticks or chicks who look like they’re about to sprout Adam’s apples. Regardless of the scary side effects, men growing boobs and women growing monster-sized clits, steroids continue to be used in bodybuilding and many other sports.

Here are 7 side effects women may experience with steroid use:

1. Bye Aunt Flo!

Their flow may become lighter, irregular, or just straight up stop without the help of menopause. Yes, that time of the month sucks, but when your girlfriend is or looks stronger than you, that sucks too.female_bodybuilders_48

2. Hulk Smash!

Let’s not forget about aggressive behavior, paranoia, increased sexual desire, psychosis, and hallucinations. These side effects pop up with regular steroid users. Hide your phone and your package!

 3. The Before Almost Always Looks Better Than The After

There are very few pictures where the before looks better than the after. This transformation photo is the perfect example. Ladies (and gents), JUST DON’T DO IT!female steroids

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4. Bye Boobs! Hello Moobs!

In women, body fat decreases significantly with steroid use. Since boobs are mostly fatty tissue, they’ll likely reduce to nothing. So, you won’t ever have to worry about wearing or buying a bra again. It’s even worse for men who begin to develop little boobs (A.K.A. moobs) around their nipples. Pimples may begin to develop on places like the back and shoulders. Oh, and your skin may also turn yellow—before the tanning bed. Hair loss is also pretty common. If that doesn’t scream sexy, I don’t know what does!

no chest
This may actually be one of the Cannibals in the new Eli Roth film.

5. Who’s Wearing the Pants In This Relationship?

A woman using steroids may also develop a deeper voice caused by the enlargement of her vocal chords from the testosterone. Females naturally have a very small dose of testosterone in their systems, so pumping themselves with an unnatural amount will completely throw the body out of whack. It effects the Endocrine system, cortisol system, and her clitoris may also enlarge to the size of about one-inch, no big deal!

6. Is That Quadzilla Or Just A Real Monster?

If you think a chick is crazy when she’s on her period, you ain’t seen nothin’ until you experience a chick on her period who uses steroids. Mood swings, depression, irritability, hostility, it’s pretty much like the Hulk on his period.

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  7. You Become A Junkie

Have you ever seen Requiem for a Dream? Remember the part where all the main characters are withdrawing from their drug of choice? Well, if you have, it’s a scene you’ll never forget. Anabolic steroid withdrawal may not be as bad as this scene shows (Hollywood!), but it can happen. Studies show that in some cases, the hormonal system may need to be restored.

Additionally, antidepressants may be used to treat depression and other behavioral disorders. In serious cases, the use of steroids were just a gateway to other hard drugs. If you have an addictive personality, it’s doesn’t matter if you’re shooting up with HGH or meth, either one can put you in a dark, scary place. Check out these crazy pictures of women who use steroids!

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  1. I cant believe that steroids do thatmuch damage to female I feel so bad for people that use steroids but they should stop or never start

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