Survey Reveals 1 in 3 Women Watch Porn Every Week

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Hey, ladies like a little visual stimulation too. Men aren’t the only ones who enjoy porn, and a new survey reveals that one in three women watch it every week.

However, with this increase in women viewing porn, the industry is going to need to change. Some women have voiced their concerns about the male-dominated industry.images-article-2015-07-25-f3e559b560587d9b3bb64b8e5350506bPorn is definitely a personal thing for women. Only 12% of the women who were surveyed said they watch porn with a partner.giphy45The survey was conducted for Marie Claire by a photographer named Amanda de Cadenet. Out of the more than 3,000 women surveyed, 91% of the survey’s respondents identify as female, 8% identify as men, and 1% transgender. 31% said they watch porn about once a week or so, 90% of them using the internet as their source. As for preference, 63% of them gravitate toward heterosexual content while 44% prefer lesbian. women3Cadenet mentioned one the common misconceptions of the prevalence of sexual images on the internet,

“Using porn to cultivate one’s own sexual agency is very different from what we often hear: that women feel threatened by it or watch it reluctantly in order to please their partner, and that Millennials’ sex lives will be ruined by childhoods bombarded by online sexual images”women1

Most of the women surveyed admitted that they watch porn to discover what exactly they’d enjoy in bed. When asked “If you watch porn but feel conflicted about it—why?” 56% answered, “It turns me on, but I’m concerned about how the industry treats women and/or I feel it perpetuates negative stereotypes.”women9Concern about gender roles and sexism has been an ongoing controversy in discussions concerning porn. Women find that much of the content parades a perfectly shaven, physically fit, and well-endowed image of women in general.women6Additionally, pornographic images, especially of women, have a large impact on first sexual encounters of most women. Many admitted that first sexual encounters involved sending nudes and other suggestive images to someone who had asked for them.women7Is there a problem in mainstream media with the perpetuation of body image stereotypes? Are women always being held to an unrealistic standard, and does this affect their experience of viewing porn?
For 76% of women, watching porn has not negatively affected their sex lives, relationships, or dating. As for a positive impact on their lives, 51% answered that watching porn has helped them learn more about different kinds of sex and sexuality.

jess-day-ive-bene-watching-porn73% of women watch porn because it’s a quick way to get an orgasm. And it’s not exactly a “subscribing” relationship between women and the content, as 75% said that they tend to use free sites.women2In this modern age of social media, porn has taken a new role in the internet entertainment industry, and women are using it for their own reasons now more than ever. It’s no longer just for a man’s viewing pleasure, and that’s a pretty positive change in the world of entertainment if you ask me. Get Excited!!women17

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