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This nine-year-old is fitter than you

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If you think back to when you were nine-years-old, you would probably remember playing outside on the jungle gym, going to gymnastics class, or playing school sports. It’s great we grew up in a day and age where technology had not quite taken over yet, but I guarantee you weren’t doing what this little girl does.

Meet Milla Bizzotto, a second grader who defied all odds and completed an obstacle course designed by the Navy Seals. This course is typically for adults but under the supervision of her father, she was able to participate in the event. Milla turned to fitness after she fell victim to bullying by her classmates, and used the gym as an after-school program for herself. There, she trained for her obstacle course races. Before Battle Frog Xtreme, she had completed BattleFrog 15k and a Spartan Sprint.


BattleFrog Xtreme is no Joke! According to ABC News, this race lasts 24 hours and includes running 36 miles, swimming an eight-kilometer course, and 25 obstacles for six laps. Last Month, Milla was the youngest competitor, and this is nothing short of ASTONISHING!

Milla is so inspiring because she never chose to fight those bullies back. Instead, she fought them with motivation and inspiration. Her strength training and course completion helped her realize how powerful she was as a young girl. Her success in obstacle course racing has given her the spark to lead an anti-bullying campaign and encourage others her age to become active.

Taken from ABC News: “I do racing to inspire kids that they have a special side of them and to get them off the couch.”

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Her father, Christian, is a huge supporter and is always by her side. As the owner of Focused Movement Academy, he now offers a “Spartan Kids” after-school program enabling other kids to conquer any obstacle. Just as his daughter wanted to inspire other kids, his program allows children to transpire their training to help overcome real life’s obstacles.


I bet those bullies have nothing to say to her now.

Now, of course, Milla’s Success has received. But before you judge, maybe get to know Milla and her father a little bit more. We can all look at something online, and if we do not agree with it, it’s easy to keep scrolling and move on with our lives. If it weren’t safe for Milla to participate in these events, her father wouldn’t allow it. Heck, they even visited a doctor before Milla attended the 24-hour course.


Milla defied the odds, put a shield up to bullying, and took a stand. Now, she perceives herself in a way to inspire others of her generation to become and stay active. Next to come for Milla is an invitation-only athlete race in Miami. This course includes a six-kilometer paddle board and five-kilometer run. In August, she will be traveling to Hawaii for the Spartan Trifecta.

This girl proves that nothing is short of impossible. What a boss!

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