Girl Transforms From Meek Maiden to Powerful Princess

With weights and the right food, anything is possible.

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Fitness success stories—we all love them! They range from reality TV to the covers of magazines to what we see online to the people we see at the gym. The commonality of the vast majority of them is that oversized and often obese turns into toned muscles and an amazing weight loss.

The uphill battle isn’t over once that “goal” is achieved; it’s just as hard, if not harder, to commit to that new lifestyle, keep up the incredible hard work and equally importantly, to stay inspired.

pollack in pink

But then look at Abby Pollock, she is the exact opposite. She also started out her fitness journey unhealthy, but on the other end of the spectrum.

She was weak and frail, living off of 900 calories a day following strict vegan diet, which is 300 calories shy of the recommended bare minimum female daily calorie intake. Over the course of roughly five years, she went from a shy, frail girl to an award-winning bodybuilder.



She grew up ice skating, and when she stopped, fitness filled that void. She immersed herself in fitness, changed her lifestyle and her diet. All these are crucial factors for any long-term success.  The right food and adding in weights gave her a a new figure with curves, and she ran with it.


Abby was her own inspiration, and now she has successfully inspired many others about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and healthy food options, sharing her workouts and recipes on social media.

Her motivation now is empowering others to be their very best and also the dedicated effort to balance out everything in her life.


She eats a lot of fish, vegetables and complex carbs.  Abby treats herself to what she craves sometimes but wants people to know that staying consistent with your diet is what really helps to reach your fitness goals.

Abby loves the stairs, but she gets the majority of her cardio in by smaller rest intervals while training and also by adding in the superset training method.


Her story is unique and it shows with hard work and dedication, anything is possible! She has lots of followers but is not declaring to be all knowing. No one is. She actually fears failure, and like most of us, is beyond critical of herself. However, she has a positive mindset, is dedicated to her craft, tries to emphasize the importance of self control and wants people to go on her journey with her.


One piece of advice she gives to everyone is to first set their own goals and then to attack them.  Very few people have fitness coaches, trainers, and nutritionists, let alone a team of specialists, so do your research first.

Fitness has made her strong and confident, and she no longer questions if she can accomplish her goals, she just attacks them with everything she has until she conquers them.


Visit her Facebook page Abby Pollock Fit and follow her on Instagram or YouTube to see her posts.

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