10 Lame Excuses Women Use to Skip a Workout

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It’s not easy to stick to a fitness regime. From everything to work, family and that little thing called having a social life, it takes up a lot of your time. But putting everyday life aside, let’s cut the crap and own up to the lame excuses.

We’ve all used them, we all know they’re BS, and we’ll probably all reach for them again. So, let’s all take a moment to laugh at them. Which excuse is your go-to?

1. “I’m Still Sore From My Last Workout”

Yesterday was leg day, and today means you’re in a world of pain. You can barely sit down at the toilet and walk up the stairs. Your DOMS is so bad, you’re probably starting to think a rest day is in order.

Well, better to be safe than sorry. Plus, if one part of your body is sore, the last thing you should do is work on a separate muscle group….uhhh, right? So keep telling yourself and your lifting parter that upper-body exercises would definitely be harmful for your legs right now, and you’ll feel much better about not going to the gym.

Just remember, we all know the truth, and we’re definitely judging you.52fa05985d7ffce4ef89fd3b5c87d3a139bf757c19e8357c6a4ce8f300ad42ef2. “The Weather Is Bad”

It’s winter, it’s cold and snowing—maybe you could wait it out a bit to see if the snow stops, but it’ll be dark by then and it’s far too dangerous to leave your humble abode at dusk. I mean, you don’t know what could be out there! Hopefully, the weather will be clear up tomorrow. For now, it’s back to Netflix.

So what about summer, surely that’s better? No, it’s way too hot to go to the gym in that kind of heat. And who wants to be stuck indoors when the sun is out? Plus, think about the sweat. Sweating is so gross, especially when you’re walking to and from the gym. The gym that most likely has fully functioning showers in the locker room. Hmmmm, interesting. Very interesting…giphy3. “I’m Already Having an Unhealthy Day”

Already downed a burger and fries? Then what’s the point of trying to be healthy for the rest of the day? You’re much better off starting again tomorrow. So just forget the gym and continue on with that pint of ice cream.

Write the day off as a fat day and proceed to be as unhealthy as possible—it makes total sense! You solemnly swear to yourself it won’t happen again. Tomorrow will be your day. Oh, wait! Is that a text from Jane Doe asking to grab dinner tomorrow? I guess you can postpone it for one more day, but oh boy! When Wednesday rolls around, your muscles will be in for a real treat.dont+want+to+workout4. “I’m on My Period”

To be fair, this can be a totally legit excuse if you’re suffering from chronic cramps and a banging migraine. But how many times have you wimped out going to the gym because you’re expecting your period any day now and feeling a bit lethargic? Do you think Serena Williams blocks out a week every month because of a bit of bloating? HELL NO!

And aches and pains aside, if we skipped the gym every time we had a mood swing and didn’t feel like working out, there wouldn’t be a single woman at the gym, ever. carrie25. “I’m Too Busy”

Binge-watching Game of Thrones and stalking your ex’s new girlfriend on Instagram, that is. Priorities, am I right? And once you’ve finished doing that, there’s a huge pile of laundry that simply cannot stay there for any second longer!

If you’re being honest, there’s never enough time to work out unless you make the time. So, stop being a little bitch about it and get your ass in gear—right after finishing an entire season of Orange Is the New Black.12905104ce65489a4e9939bd850a151acf40147e5fd10244badbfce85e5489d5_1
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6. “I Don’t Want to Mess up My Hair”

You may laugh, but never underestimate the power of a good hair day. If you’re basking in this glorious moment, there’s no way you’re going to let a little thing called working out mess it up.

That’s right, going to the gym is a big no-no when your hair is looking fly. If you have to be somewhere afterwards, it’s completely out of the question. Sweaty hair is a deal-breaker. Women totally plan their workouts around their hair schedules—we don’t spend hours making it pretty for nothin’!

So what if you’re being lazy! At least your hair looks awesome!7. “I’m Not Fit Enough Yet”

New gym membership √ New workout gear √ Amazing gym body

Don’t feel like you’re body is where you want it to be? Yeah, that’s a completely understandable reason not to go to the gym. How could you ever be seen at the gym looking the way you do?

Correct me if I’m wrong here, isn’t the gym the best place to work towards the body you want? Hey, what do I know? You should probably wait until all those at-home workouts start paying off. You did a couple last month. The results will start showing any minute now. 380b29f40c0043198fc6fdcc31b80dff8. “I’m Too Tired”

It’s the morning, you’re exhausted. You just left work, you’re exhausted. It’s the weekend, your time to relax. Life is tiring. Honestly, if you’re waiting for that one perfect moment when you feel like the energizer bunny, you’ll never get to the gym.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s a well-known fact that working out gives you more energy. Which completely shits on your “I’m too tired” excuse.

Next time your alarm goes off, remember, you can do this! You have the energy! You’re a badass! You’re going to make this workout your bitch—after hitting the snooze button one more time.

9. “It’s Boring”

Reality check! Working out can get boring, but there’s nobody holding a gun to your head forcing you to spend hours on the treadmill. Anything repetitive can start losing its appeal.

The trick is to mix it up: try new classes, get outside, or go swimming. If your boyfriend was boring, you’d dump him, right? So, ditch the boring workout monotonous routine and get some variety in your life. Be a gym slut! C’mon! You know you want to!10. “I’m Too Hungry” or “I’m Too Full”

Planning a workout around eating can be tough. I mean, does anyone actually know the right timeframe for a pre-workout snack? It would make life soooo much easier if we had that information because we’d have no reason to ever miss the gym again.

Maybe we could do a little research? Talk to a professional? And if all else fails, we could listen to our bodies? Nah! Just down that huge bowl of pasta as quickly as possible. You definitely won’t puke during your bootcamp class that’s starting in 20 minutes.60844-Chandler-Rachel-gif-Im-full-an-8zMt

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