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Beware Of The Bullshit: 10 Things To Remember On Your Fitness Journey

The world of health and fitness can be a little confusing at times. All these new fad diets and workouts are enough to make your head spin. But what if we called BULLSHIT on a lot of it? Here’s a guide to prevent you from wasting your time. No Bullshit here.

1. Beware Of Trainers

You hire a trainer, and they provide their advice for you to achieve the best results possible. They may recommend these pre-workout and post-workout concoctions to speed up results. You choke down some pricey supplements. Well, many trainers have no idea WTF they are talking about. If you are seriously considering hiring one, be very selective. They should be asking TONS of questions about your history, goals, etc. If they create “one-size-fits-all” programs, give ’em the boot!

2. Cleanses & Other Detox Programs

Say what? You want to jumpstart your weight loss with a cleanse or detox? Think again because it’s all crap. I’ve been there. I tried various cleanses and guess what? NO results, just hunger and a giant headache. I know we can all get sucked into these gimmicks. Save yourself the time and money. Overpriced saran wrap is going to get you results like good ole diet and exercise will.

3. Supplements To The Rescue?

Let’s say your friend has signed up to be a distributor for the next best thing that promises to step up your results. This makes my bullshit meter reach an all-time high. Imagine the disappointment when you try it and it doesn’t work. Cool, your back at square one and out $50. You know what works? Drinking a ton of water. There is no need to buy into these expensive supplements that promise results that will probably never happen. Stick to real food and getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies.

4. You Must Suffer To Succeed

Building a better body takes work, but there is no need to make it your whole life. Those people toting around Tupperware filled with grilled chicken and broccoli and living at the gym are usually training for something. Doing this 365 days a year is no way to live. Health and fitness are not complicated. So, chill. Be consistent but don’t be afraid to enjoy a slice of pizza or a fruity cocktail once in a while. Life is short.

5. You’re Not Training For Battle

Your hardcore workout makes you stronger but in no way does it make you battle-ready or heroic. A zombie apocalypse is never going to happen. Stop acting like you’re training for one by picking up heavy shit. There are so many benefits to training with weights, but your moral fiber and value will not change just because you completed a “special” workout.

6. Do This, Not That

Who ever said women shouldn’t lift heavy is an idiot. There is no workout that is gender-specific. If you want to lift heavy, by all means, lift heavy! You can do whatever the hell you want to keep YOU happy, healthy, and motivated.

7. There Are No Magical Solutions 

I’d like to point out that there are no magical solutions. If you think your body will change without a lifestyle change, you are sadly mistaken. If you want to change your body, get off your butt! Go for a run or hit the gym. Track your calories. It takes work, and your lifestyle must change to lose weight.

8. Don’t Be Judgmental Of Others

Please do yourself a favor and do what is best for you. If you are spending the time judging others because they don’t eat or exercise a certain way, you have serious issues. Fitness is a lifestyle choice. I know plenty of people who don’t enjoy working out as much as I do, and that’s fine. I do not look down on them because they don’t. You are not superior to them because you hit the gym a few times a week.

9. Every “Body” Is Different

Just because a particular diet and fitness regimen worked for you, doesn’t mean it is going to work for someone else. I eat every few hours, and I love training with weights. That’s what works for me. One of my best friends, on the other hand, is a Zumba instructor and loves cardio; that’s what works for her. Our bodies are all different, and we will all obtain different results.

10. You Don’t Always Need To Diet

As women, there’s an enormous influence that we should look a certain way. This is a crock of crap. You do not always need to be on a diet. You can just be you! You are more than your physical appearance. Do not fall over in a sense of self-hatred. If you want to eat well and exercise to improve your quality of life, do it because you love your body, not because you hate it.

The internet is full of misinformation. Obtain your fitness information from credible people who cite their sources. And remember to always stay true to yourself.

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