12 Signs You’re a Mess in the Weight Room

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You see videos of women who lift with expert fluidness and ease…and then there’s you. You haven’t met a treadmill you’ve almost fallen off of and a gym you haven’t embarrassed yourself in. Here is to the clumsy, ridiculous messes of the weight room.

1. You’re Never Aware When Your Thong is Hanging Out
And when you do realize, it makes perfect sense why all the guys were using the machines around you all the time.

2. That Time You Struggled to Move a 45 Plate, and Realized it Was Only 25
And you had to play it off with total chillness

3. If You Have to do the Sly “Just Wiping My Face” Armpit Sniff More Than 2x
Don’t be the person who has the body odor at the gym, just don’t.

4. You Have More Bruises From Running Into Machines Than You Do From Actual Lifting
Sometimes those machines just jump out at you – who set up the layout of this gym anyways!

5. You Don’t Use “Looking Swole” Ironically

6. 1 Out of 5 People Lift With Poor Form
If you look around and 4 people have great form, then I hate to tell you, but…

7. You Use Chalk on the Smith Machine, and Cable Machine, and Any Machine…

8. You Spend More Time in the Mirror Trying to Get the Right Selfie, Than You Do Lifting
This is a no-no, but sometimes we sort of understand. Selfies take time and muscles are distracting!

9. You Fall At Least Once a Gym Session
The focus needed for Bulgarian Squats is mind boggling.

10. You Are, Literally, Dripping On Everything
For the love of humanity, bring a towel. It’s ok to sweat a lot, just, you know, clean it up.

11. The Only Shirts You Own Are Female Empowerment Catchphrases
Really, we get it, strong is the new sexy

12. You Trip On the Stair Master More Than You Actually Walk It.
And the treadmill too, those automatic moving things are very difficult to work sometimes.

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