5 Non-Gym Friends Every Lifter Has

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When you’re a lifter, you get to live in two different worlds. The beautiful, magical world of the lifter…and the one of those who don’t lift. Each time you jump between the two, you get to engage with different types of people. Those in the non-lifter world are cool (and the majority so be nice to them) but there are always a specific few we tend to friend up with for some reason. Read below and let me know if this sounds about right…

The “Let’s Go Bro!” Friend

This friend seems to always have just taken a shot of pre-workout before you see them. Except that they don’t know what pre-workout is and the enthusiasm is purely because they are excited to see their “fit friend”. Yes, you are a type too. They want to hear about your lifts, learn your progress, and all around sort of live vicariously though you. In a really excited and overly energetic way. And yes, they’ve asked if you say “bro”.

and they send you pics like this, all proud of themselves...
and they send you pics like this, all proud of themselves…

The “I Can Relate” Friend

This is the friend that has to tell you about each time they’ve gone to the gym and how sore they are. “You know this muscle right here? {points to tricep} Yeah, I really worked it in Barre when we were doing this move {examples tricep kickback motion} and I’m just like…I can feel myself getting sort of jacked!” You’ve heard this before, maybe insert Zumba, Jazzercise, BodyPump. Or they try to relate any weight they do lift, to yours. Note to non-lifting friends, we think its sort of adorable that you try to relate to us, but we will talk shop with you regarding anything else you have an interest in too 🙂

The “Temptation” Friend

How do you always have a friend that is like the little shoulder sitting devil herself?! They often suggest happy hours and Shake Shack and stop by your desk to suggest you pouncing on the recently left brownies in the office kitchen. They are a constant test of your dedication and commitment to your process and goals and yet, you will always keep them around. Mostly because they’re the type of friend who would help you move a dead body. Except they’ll bring cookies for the occasion. And actually might not be able to lift the body, so…

his tempting eyes!!!
his tempting eyes!!!

The “Subtle Hater” Friend

This person may be your friend, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to hate on you a little. They remark if your clothes are getting a little tight, “Oh, someone must not be eating too clean there, huh?”…say the wrong thing at the wrong time, “Your legs are looking so thick and big!” – “Yeah I’m 2 weeks out from a competition, so thanks”…and honestly, are sometimes the first to downplay your amazing aesthetics, “Yeah well, I’d look that amazing if I spent all my time at the gym, but I’m busy being (insert something that isn’t that important)”. Yes, there are times you question this friendship, but the fun you two have when you’re out living it up overshadows their little quips.

The “I Know More Than You” Friend

This person argues you on everything! They are the first to tell you that Intermittent Fasting is horrible. That no carb diets are the only way. That cardio is the only way to lose fat. That pretty much whatever you’re about to say regarding fitness, they just read an article that disproves it. They just know more than you, so deal. Except they may be a little overweight and would have to blow dust off their gym key card. More than likely, they are offensively shielding themselves from feeling insecure about something you have over them (fitness and health) but tend to read a lot. You know, a lot of Self and Cosmo. While they’re mouthing away about the latest thing they know more than you on, just go off into your happy place where everywhere you look there are mirrors for your abs to look amazing in.

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