6 Gym Friends Every Lifter Has

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While we went through the list of non gym friends every lifter has, I think its time for us to address the gym friends every single one of us definitely has. Feel free to add your own “gym friends” below in the comments.

The Bad Advice Giver
“Oh no, no when you bicep curl, you gotta use your lower back so you can bust out more reps!” and other great things come out of this person’s mouth. You probably didn’t really try to become buddies with him or her, they sort of just showed up with some “great advice” and never really left your side. It may be hard to listen to them, and hurt to watch them, but there will never really be a reason to tell them to shut up for good.

The Over Researcher
You always know someone who is trying something new or changing things up because of the latest article they read. They constantly take every detail from all fitness magazines, online articles, forums, videos, and anything else they can find, and constantly introduce new and weird things into their routines. They may get annoying with their constant information overload that they try to throw at you, but at least you can never doubt their passion.

The “He Checking Me Out?” Friend
You know that chick who you can tell is sort of pushing her booty out a bit more when there are hot guys around? And when she’s in between breaks she spends time looking in the mirror trying to see who is catching her reflection? Same goes for guys…the “She wants me” guy who believe any girl who talks to him at the gym immediately wants the D. And then they run over to tell you how much they are wanted.

The One Upper
Gym partners usually use each other to push themselves and compete a bit, but friends at the gym who are one uppers are a whole ‘nother thing. They have to tell you how they increased their deadlift right after you’ve mentioned yours. They wear the tighter clothing, and pump out more reps, and just all around do what you’re doing but just a bit more so they can tell you how they did that bit more. It isn’t the fact that they lift more than you, its the way they have to tell you about it. But, the competition is somewhat good for you too, so you keep them around.

The Excuse Maker
It’s almost comical how often this friend has a reason he/she can’t do something. Backs out of an exercise because her rotator just isn’t feeling right…stops mid-set because her knees just aren’t handling the squats. Once a week or so, this person has something that is holding her back from legit lifting. They may not be on your level, but at least they are entertaining.

The Gossiper
The gym is a mini society sometimes, and this person knows all the town gossip. They can tell you who is in a relationship, who is eyeing who, where the new person came from and if they are single. The Gossiper spends hours at the gym everyday, not because they are doing intense lifting, but because they spend 5 minutes talking for every 1 they use training.

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