18 Moments That Make A Fit Chick Feel Like A Total Badass

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I know, it’s hard to stay humble when you just exude awesomeness. Throughout your fitness journey, you experience these little moments where you feel like a complete badass. Although small, these moments are a reminder of why you love this fitness addiction. It’s a huge burst of motivation, reassuring you that your hard work is paying off.

Here Are 18 Moments That Make A Fit Chick Feel Like A Total Badass:

1. When your friend randomly grabs your muscle and says something like, “Damn, girl.”


2. Smashing a new PR.


3. When you finish up a set and some buff dude gives you a nod of approval or thumbs-up from across the gym.


4. When you’re wearing a racerback tank, and the light hits your arms just right to reveal that muscle definition.


5. When you walk into the gym listening to your favorite pump-up song, ready to make this workout your bitch.


6. When you’re struggling towards the end of the set, about to give up and then every last bit of you pulls through to complete that last rep.


7. Honestly, pretty much anytime you wear a racerback.


8. When you check yourself out in the mirror dressed in a pair of skinny jeans that hug your quads and booty perfectly.


9. When your girlfriend hands over a jar to open and you crack that baby open like it’s child’s play.


10. When your abs look a little more shredded than usual.


11. When you’re playfully wrestling with a dude and he struggles a bit.


12. Slappin’ on some 45s like no big deal.


13. When you grab your butt and feel those booty gainz.


14. When you’re wearing heels and your calves pop.


15. When you approach the dude to ask if he’s done using the 45-pound dumbbells and you walk away with them like it’s nothin’.


16. When you see a photo of yourself and think, yeah, my arms/legs do look good.


17. When you’re doing something that spontaneously requires your athletic ability and you’re able to spring into action.


18. When you look over at the guy next to you mid-lift and notice you’re putting up as much weight as him.


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