9 Reasons Why Fit Friends Make The Best Friends

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As much as we love them, there are just some things our non-lifting friends and family don’t understand about us fit chicks. Thankfully, we have our fit friends to relate to. Here are 9 reasons why your fit friends make the best friends!

1. Your Other Friends Are Getting Engaged and You’re Busy Trying to Beat Each Other’s Squat PR

It feels like all of your non-lifting friends are getting engaged, having babies, and taking life seriously. And you, you have goals to smash in the gym. Fit friends will throw on an two extra plates, pushing you to be your best. Hey, that booty isn’t going to build itself! large2. They Sympathize with Your DOMS.

Two days after legs, you’re still on the struggle bus. Seriously, you can hardly walk. Your non-lifting friends poke fun, asking why you do this to yourself. However, fit friends know that feel, bro. The times you’re hurting so bad, you’re actually considering skipping the gym, your fit friends are there. They are there encouraging you to push through the pain while reminding you of all those gains. Skipping the gym is NOT an option. tumblr_m6d2bz3svy1r3ovdbo1_500

3. They Speak the Same Language as You

Sayings things like DL, DB, BW, BF, RM, PR, mirin’, and DOMS may sound like a foreign language to your non-lifting friends. With your fit friends, no translation required because they also speak gym. 7acaa93144ac46397bba04928b93b556

4. They Tread Carefully on Your Low Carb Days

Random emotional outbursts? Feeling clumsy? Not acting like yourself? On low carb days, fit friends totally get it. In fact, they know the signs, and you don’t even have to give them a heads up.giphy (1)

5. Sending Each Other Half Naked Selfies Is Perfectly Acceptable

No need to explain that row of half naked photos on your camera role, fit friends get it. Catch yourself looking leaner than usual? Notice an extra inch on the booty? It MUST be documented and shared! Who else is going to get excited over your gains with you?fe3256a556a8fde4ec3b91177a8f23dd
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6. When You Need Motivation, You Always Have a Cheerleader

We all have bad days. For the times you’re lacking motivation, your fit friends are always there to cheer you on. During your lows, they’re there to pick you up. And sharing your highs during times of celebration.  tumblr_m5210otkEJ1rofxqqo1_400

7. You Share Fitness Tips, Recipes, and Gym Stories with Each Other 

Bored with the same old healthy recipes? In a fitness rut? Your lifting friends got you covered, sharing new recipes and suggesting new training routines to try. You’re constantly bouncing ideas off one another to keep things interesting. giphy (1)

8. You Don’t Have to Explain Your Order at Restaurants 

In fact, you usually end up ordering the same thing.
 Eating out with your fit friends, you won’t be asked questions like “Why don’t you just treat yourself?” or “Why do you always eat healthy?” You can order a salad with dressing on the side and grilled chicken without a circle of judgmental looks. They understand that you can enjoy a social occasion without compromising your results. Good food and even better company!friends9. You have a special bond

Fit friends have a special bond. Not many understand or participate in this lifestyle. So, when we find those who do, we stick together! What started as friendship soon blossomed into a fit family. Party9


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