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Ah, the many faces of the gym. From the I swear I didn’t put make up on “fit” chick with the bronzer running down her face to the sure I can lift this 45lb plate with my index finger meathead, we’ve all been guilty of the awkward facial expressions known to frequent the gym. Rather than deny them, lets just all admit we’re guilty of at least one of these beautiful faces and consider them part of our gym gear.

The “Alright, I guess I’ll do it” face.

You make this one when your coach announces that you’ll be doing a workout consisting of running, heavy dead lifts, box jumps, and everything else that sucks. You know you’ll be struggling through the whole thing, but instead of bitching you just play it off like you’re the one that did the programming even while you’re throwing F bombs through the whole thing and sweating profusly all over the person next to you.

when you pretend youre not scared of the WOD

The “This weight is heavier than I remembered” face.

When you’re actually pumped for a workout then you pick the weight up for the first time and it feels ten times heavier than last time you lifted then you think to yourself I shouldn’t have taken the past 2 weekends off and drank all those RedBull Vodka’s at DJai’s instead.

when you realize how heavy the weight is face

The “Holy sh*t I actually hit that” face.

There’s that lift you attempt even when you think there’s no chance in hitting it–then you do. You gotta move quick or be prepared to rock grip marks across your body for the rest of your gym career.

I caught it

The “I just killed it and I still look good” face.

Burpees, check. Squats, check. Sweating your ass off, check. First one to finish it all AND your gym crush was there to witness it, double freakin’ check. Might as well hit the squat rack while you’re feeling this good, GET ON MY LEVEL BITCHES.
just killed it face

The “Holy sh*t this WOD was made for me” face.

All your favorite exercises, the ones your body type has an advantage towards, and the first day of your new pre-work out all in one shot. You’re not even trying to hide the fact that you’re actually excited to crush what’s ahead of you, GOOOOOTTT EMMMMM!

when you see your favorite exercise on the WOD

The “No I swear I’m fine, I just did legs yesterday” face (well, crawl).

Hatch, Wendler, SMOLOV, they all pretty much stand for no pain no gain when you’re cycling through them. Not only do your legs scream at you when you’re actually doing squats, there’s no better reminder of how hard you worked then when you try to walk down stairs the day after…or the day after that.

day after leg day

The “Pre-workout just hit me” face.

Your body is tingling, face itches like you just got bit by 1,000 mosquitos and you can definitely run 3 miles while doing dumbbell thrusters, some Merengue, and handstand walks all at the same time, but really your pre-workout just kicked in.


The “I finished 1 minute before you” face.

…and you know that person is straight up lying because three days ago they were two whole rounds and 15 pounds behind you in the WOD not to mention they’re notorious for shaving reps off and pretending like it goes unnoticed.

get on my level face

The “You actually really did beat me” face.

When someone really does out lift you, finishes before you do, and has perfect form the whole time they’re casually beating your ass.

when someone beats you in a workout

The “Must..hit this..last…rep” face.

Your gym reputation lies in the hand of this one final rep and if you don’t hit, or curl it like a super bro, you’ll be the laughing stock of the squat rack.

last rep

The “Is that bacon?” face.

It’s cutting season, you just got done with a killer work out, and someone walks into the gym with a big ass sandwich complete with bacon. Your nose is telling you yes, but your bathing suit is telling you no.

someone new

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