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5 Types Of Girlfriends Fit Chicks Have

Either you are a fitness chick or, at least, know someone who is. You know that type of girl who works out regularly and is always posting about her workouts and her meal prep. How she did a 5k or, hit a new goal. The selfies that she posts seem to be neverending. But there is another side: her side. Sometimes, you look at really fit women and think, “Man, I bet she has a lot of friends,” or “How does she even have a life if all she does it work out?” Fitness girls have a variety of friends and acquaintances.

Here Are Five Types of Friends Fit ChicksHave:

1. The Admirer

These are the girls who do not hate on you for all your hard work. They make comments like, “You are such an inspiration,” or “I wish I could be as motivated as you!” They are the first to comment on a photo of you or congratulate you on an accomplished goal. These girls are also the ones that never try to one-up you or be like you, they truly just admire you. It’s in no way a bad thing, but these girls will always wish they had the motivation and discipline. They are content with themselves, and they are happy for you as well.


2. The KNOW IT ALL Girl

These are the girls who talk a great game. They have accomplished everything you have, BUT they did it differently. They did it “better.” It can be anything from meal prep to 5ks to lifting. They read all about it on the internet, and now they are a certified expert on the subject. These girls may also complain about things that are not going their way in the fitness aspect. However, they refuse to take advice because that would mean they are wrong about something. You can’t help people who don’t want to be helped. They might be the sweetest girls in the world, but they want to make it sound like they know what they are doing, and no one knows better than them. They also secretly keep tabs on you and take notes. One of my favorite things is when they make it sound like they work harder than anyone else.

5 Types Of Girlfriends Fit Chicks Have 2

3. LET’S DO THIS….Ok, Maybe Not Girl

She sees you working hard and wants your body. So she says, “Let’s do this! Let’s start working out together!” She’ll ask, “Do you have a meal plan I can follow?” or “How can I look like you, and How long will it take?” So, you get excited about having a new gym partner who is going to take things as seriously as you. And then you get the first excuse. Usually, it has something to do with work or an “inconvenient” time. So, you being optimistic, plan another time. Then comes another excuse. After the third time, you just give up asking because you know they are all talk and no action. It sounds great until they realize “WOW! This is harder than I thought!” They will continue telling you that one day they will make it to the gym and start eating better. Just don’t get your hopes up.


4. The Give Me Advice Girl

These girls want to know everything. They also think you know everything. It is a compliment, to say the least, but sometimes all the questions can be overwhelming and annoying. What should they eat? How can they lose weight? What is a good fat burner? What’s the best tasting whey? How often should they do cardio or lift? Is it possible to get too big? These questions may even go as far as asking about body parts that hurt. I have a large pain in my back. Is that normal when I do that exercise? Like I said, it is flattering that they think you know so much. However, the worst part is after sharing your advice, 7 out of 10 times, they never use it. They mean well by asking. They admire you enough to find out how to improve their bodies.


5. The Twin

These girls are rare and usually hard to come by. These are the girls have experienced exactly what you’re going through and can give advice. They listen to you, and you listen to them. They truly do share your passion and push as hard as you do. You lift them up when they are down, and they do the same for you. You compare your goals and help each other reach them. They don’t try to compete with you or outdo you. You look up to them, and they look up to you. Hell, you may even be as lucky to have them as a workout partner.


When you get into fitness, you lose a lot of so-called friends.You don’t go out as much because you don’t want to treat your body like a trash can. At first, they keep asking but eventually they stop. They either respect that you are no longer a “party girl” or make fun of you. They may get annoyed with your social media posts about hitting a new PR or hate your selfies. They may unfollow you or think something like, “Why does have to post about going to the gym?” or “Everyone gets it, you worked out!” They see things differently, but it doesn’t mean they are bad people. They just lead a different life than yours.

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