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The Greatest Offenders of Gym Etiquette



Hooray! You made it to the gym. Little do you know, the battle has only just begun. Nowadays, pretty much anyone can get a gym membership on the cheap and those big corporate gyms really pack in the memberships at each club. There are so many members during peak after-work hours that we never leave the traffic jam!

Needless to say, gym etiquette has gone down the drain. Trying to claim equipment, a space on a mat or even your size weights can be a daunting task. There are some real characters out there who will not make it easy for you to work out, and we’re going to call them out on their bad behavior. Could you be one of them?

Find out if you’re busting your butt at the gym only to be the butt of your fitness trainer’s jokes.

The Greatest Offenders of Gym Etiquette 2

The Gym’s Most Wanted List

1. The Hoarde

Fitness club hoarders are just like the ones you see on TV. They take all the weights and have a weight of every size, shape, and color around them. When you ask, they swear they’re using them all. To avoid being a hoarder, do smaller circuits and try to combine exercises where you use a similar weight size. And don’t forget to re-rack your weights!

 The Greatest Offenders of Gym Etiquette 3

2. The Slob

Obviously, these “kids” never had to put their toys away. Why does it always seem like the heaviest weights are ones that get left lying around? These inconsiderate gym-mates need to take their turn on the chore wheel and clean up after themselves. Seeing people just walk away from their weights really grinds my gears. Avoid being a slob by taking the extra ten seconds to put your weights away please and thank you!

3. The Free-ballers

Do we have to even tell you to wear underwear? We’re all for a good piece of eye-candy, but we didn’t come here to watch porn. When you’re pushing through that last round of reps or sprints, distractions can be great, but watch at your own risk.

The same goes for shirts at some gyms. Most gyms require that members wear shirts. It’s not just practical, but it protects you from getting scratched by any sharp ends of the equipment. Most importantly, it keeps people’s sweat from dripping all over the gym equipment. The gym should be a place that feels welcoming and inclusive, but it’s not exactly a beach party.

The Greatest Offenders of Gym Etiquette 4

4. The Next American Idol

We’re just minding our own business at the pull-up bar, and on comes the “In Da Club” — music blaring from their over-ear headphones, singing full voice for all to hear. Is it really 50 Cent? Unlikely. Keep the singing in your head or at least in the shower, this ain’t no American Idol!

The Greatest Offenders of Gym Etiquette 5

5. The Creepy Stalker

Do you really want everyone to think you’re a psycho stalker girl or guy? Keep those eyes focused on the weights girlfriend, you came here to get a workout in, right? Although us girls are just as guilty of staring; leering men aren’t just creepy, they’re the main reason women feel intimidated by the weight room. If you see someone who really catches your attention, try to make eye contact at an appropriate time, not when they’re working on that last squat.

The Greatest Offenders of Gym Etiquette 6

6. The Honeymooners

Some couples just can’t keep their hands to themselves, not even at the gym. The gym is full of those sexy pheromones we pump out and it’s not surprising to find a couple getting hot and heavy with more than just the dumbbells. But, come on guys, no one wants to see you and your honey getting randy on the bench press. Would you let us sleep in your bed? We need to use it too! A light kiss or butt tap is just fine, but leave the full on straddling and humping for the bedroom.

The Greatest Offenders of Gym Etiquette 7

7. The Texter  

Texting while lifting should be outlawed, just like texting while driving. The gym is the one place where you should unplug and focus on the task at hand. If you’re lifting heavy weights you need to focus on your movements so you don’t get injured or injure those around you. Those minutes scouring your smartphone can really add up, taking a toll on focus, productivity, and intensity. Don’t shortchange yourself, put your cell on airplane mode and treat yo’self by plugging back in once you’ve crushed that last set.

The Greatest Offenders of Gym Etiquette 8

8. The Grunter  

There’s beast mode, and then there’s SPARTA! If you’re going all out and trying to hit your max, it’s nearly impossible to control some grunting, we get it. But when you sound like a pre-historic wounded animal, it’s probably too much. If you’re using normal-sized weight and letting out a terrifying noise on every rep you need to drop the weight and go lighter to maintain control. Some people just do it for attention or to assert masculinity, but Tarzan needs to cool it.

9. The Treadmill Runway Model

You’ve seen her, she wears makeup to a gym, her hair is down and her nails are too long to actually grip any weights. Her gear is perfectly matched and looks too new to ever have actually felt a drop of sweat. She takes a brisk walk on the treadmill and only uses weight machines on the lightest weight possible. In between sets she uses that great gym lighting to capture the perfect selfie. Just because you’re psychically in a gym doesn’t mean you worked out.

The Greatest Offenders of Gym Etiquette 9

10. Just Be the Cool Girl

Honestly ladies, it can be a bit of a jungle out there during peak gym times. Watch out for these culprits and if you walk into what seems like a frat party next time you’re at the gym, you can laugh it off with the best of us. If it’s a complete mad-house, just grab a mat, head to the corner and crank out some push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, squats and planks for a full-body workout.

The Greatest Offenders of Gym Etiquette 10

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