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Getting fit is great. Looking good in tight clothing is great. Feeling healthy and content is great.

All these things are just great, but there are a multitude of gym factors just about any fit chick knows about that are anything but.

It takes time and a truckload of effort to get in good shape—and stay there—but there are also things at work that mean a lady’s time at and around the gym can be a real pain in the a**.

YouTube user Blogilates has crafted a handy video compilation that makes light of some of these problems, but be warned—the struggle is real.

If you’ve been working out with a committed plan for some time, then the chances are you’ll already be firmly aware of most of these. And if you’re only just starting out, be prepared for what’s to come.

The Highlights

1. Peeing Like a Race Horse

The average human body is made up of between 50 and 60 percent water, but if you’re downing a gallon of H20 per day, you’ll probably feel like you’re closer to the 100 percent mark before long.

There’s a strange sort of satisfaction that comes from looking down at your pee stream and consistently seeing that healthy straw colour we’ve all been told about, but the frequency of potty breaks can be absolute agony.

2. Removing Your Sports Bra

So we meet again, old foe.

Humans are odd in a way. We can ram particles into one another at near-inexplicable speeds using an underground device in Geneva, yet we can’t come up with a sports bra that just sheds off the skin in fewer than 10 movements after a workout.

Image result for removing sports bra

Are you sweaty? That’s going to complicate the sports bra removal process.

Want to keep your haircut intact? Yup, that will make things a tad tougher.

Have you completed an arm or chest workout? Grab a coffee; this may take a while.

Check out the video on the next page…

3. Working Out With Your Phone

The old adage goes that women are by far the superior of the two sexes when it comes to multi-tasking, and the gym is just about as close as we’re going to get to conclusive proof of that point.

Woman gym cell phone equipment machine

You’ll often see men on their phones in the gym, sure, but for the ladies, it often acts as an extension of their own body that you’ll seldom see them without.

Whether it’s watching Netflix on the treadmill or somehow texting while performing curls, women tend to be by far the more capable gender when it comes to phone-exercise.

4. Post-Leg Day Toilet Breaks

Whoever said it would be simple going to the toilet after leg day was a liar, and they deserve to be sent into the eternal pit of Hades for their deeds against mankind.

An exaggeration that may be, but attempting to sit on the loo after heavy squats, leg press, hamstring curls—heck, any of the above—is a pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

That’s mostly because my worst enemy would have had to make some form of leg gains to get there, but you get the point..

Image result for leg day toilet

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