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The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Gym Date

It is no secret that health and fitness are now more prevalent in today’s world than ever before. This means taking a potential significant other to the gym. Granted, this is not the place you two should discuss careers, plans, or look for red flags. However, you do get to experience the person in their roughest, unpolished form.

“You might not learn much about trust, loyalty, and honesty while at the gym, but at the same time, you can learn a little about their work ethic, ability to have fun, how they take criticism, and their level of attention seeking. To me, that’s huge. I think when you strip away a person of their prized materials as in not seeing the car they drive, the jewelry they may or may not own, make-up, hair done, and see that person in raw form, the only thing they have in the gym is their personality.”

– Louie Guarino (personal trainer)

The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Gym Date:

1. Dress Appropriately

Although, he may find your little spandex shorts incredibly sexy, along with your boobs busting out of your struggling sports bra, most decent men may perceive overly revealing attire as a sign that you’re “trying too hard.” Plus, you don’t want to be pulling down your short-shorts to cover your bum or constantly be worrying about a nip slip throughout the entire date. Instead, take a couple of days before the date to plan what gym attire you feel comfortable and beautiful in. One that highlights your curves and accentuates your features but isn’t over-the-top. If you feel comfortable in your outfit and still look super cute, it will boost your confidence and help him to feel more at ease, knowing that you are not trying so hard to impress him.


2. Don’t Hold Back

If there is one lesson I have learned through my own experiences, it’s that the reason a man invites you to the gym is because he likes that fitness is your common interest, and he wants to explore it with you. One of the biggest mistakes girls make is shying away from the pressure and degrading their own abilities. Ladies, embrace your strength! Okay, I’m not saying to show off and cripple yourself for the approval of others. But you should challenge yourself as you would normally do.


3. Don’t Stare Too Much

Although this may seem obvious, it is a manner that is easily forgotten when endorphins are flowing, and your heart is toying with the excitement of a potential relationship. Those big muscles, glistening with sweat and popping veins are hard to resist, I know. But stop staring! Focus on your exercises and form The fact that you are not paying attention to him will drive him crazy and grip him on your hook.


4. Don’t Interfere With His Workout

Although this is a date, you are still there to get a job done. Interfering with his workout may irritate him, and it will seem as though you struggle to take anything seriously. If he is hogging a machine, occupy yourself with something else rather than waiting for him. This will also show him that you are independent and don’t need no man! Save the conversation for after the workout.


5. Be Considerate Of Others

It is tempting to lean in for a sweaty kiss or to pinch his tight butt when he is walking by. Don’t do it! Remember, you are there to workout. Be respectful of the other gym-goers and keep your hands to yourself. If the connection really is that strong, there will be plenty opportunity for that later.


 6. Plan A Post-Workout Meal

Now that the work is done, and the ice is broken, it’s time to relax and get to know each other on a deeper level. Plan a meal at a spot nearby (preferably something with healthy options). It’s time to indulge in both food and his gorgeous eyes.


7. Pack A Clean Shirt

When time is limited to freshen up for your post-workout meal date, you don’t want to leave him waiting at reception for an hour while you do your hair and makeup. Instead, suggest to him that you both skip the shower and go as you are. This will keep him from waiting around to eat and show him you’re not overly obsessed with appearance. However, pack a fresh top and spray some perfume. There is no need to go completely primitive. A simple refresher to set you up for the next stage.


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