Identical Twins Face Each Other In Bodybuilding Competition

The first twin duo to take the stage together

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Identical twins Jenny and Lucy will be going head-to-head in their first bodybuilding competition. Questions about genetic superiority are constantly disputed in the bodybuilding community and athletics in general; it will be interesting to see how comparable they are on show day.

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These British beauties will be competing with the National Amateur Bodybuilders’ Association and will be the first twin duo to take the stage together. Jenny, a Personal Trainer, has competed previously with the NABBA and has enjoyed training with her sister Lucy and helping her make her debut with the organization. But don’t let the lack of show experience fool you. Lucy is stacked and solid. Like her sister, she is an ambassador of My Protein nutrition products.

As they prepare for NABBA, Jenny and Lucy are both following a strict but traditional split strength training schedule focusing on one or two specific body groups each day. Their cardio routine consists of 20-minute intervals, 30 seconds of running with 30 seconds of walking. These lovely ladies are eating a mammoth ton of white fish, asparagus, protein shakes, oats, and hot tea up to seven times a day but plan on making the last month of their diet as restrictive as possible.

So, how did these sisters get started in fitness? The two Newcastle-born ladies are insanely competitive. They both attended St. John Fisher Catholic College and realized their drive and potential with athletics. The two were very involved in school sports, competing in cross country, volleyball, and much more. These girls have been encouraging and empowering each other their entire athletic lives.

They are competitive but not when it comes to each other!

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The girls were inspired and drawn towards bodybuilding when their fitness junkie friends suggested the idea to them. They mentioned how strong the girls were and said they could probably bench more than them!

Jenny and Lucy both want to see each other do well and are excited to take the stage next month at NABBA. They are looking forward to getting ready backstage and being on stage together. They’ve always had one another throughout their entire lives and hope the best for each other. As twins, there is always room for competition, but these girls choose to be supportive instead.


Turning to Instagram to expand their popularity, these 29-years-olds already have over 16k followers. Comments from spectators across the pond have ranged from “gorgeous women” to “I hate your fake boobs” and “manly.” Well, as always, haters gon hate! This type of negativity is nothing new, especially in the bodybuilding community.

They will be taking the Stage at the NABBA North West Area Show on May 21st. Keep up the good work, ladies! Rock that stage and show them how it’s done!


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