Gym Chat

Join us in worshipping our favorite subject – the gym. This is a safe space, where we chat about all thing’s gym. Whether you want to learn how to spot your best fit friend, or need tips on how to feel more confident in the weights room, you’re in the right place. Explore this section and get your fill of the latest, and most interesting gym chat.

5 Reasons A Gym Buddy Is The Best Thing For Your Workouts

As much as you love working out, it’s difficult to be consistent about going to the gym. Let’s face it,…

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5 Fantastic Female Physiques That Weren’t Built In The Gym

For many of us, the gym is our second home. In fact, we’re so comfortable going to “gym church” that…

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5 Types Of Girlfriends Fit Chicks Have

Either you are a fitness chick or, at least, know someone who is. You know that type of girl who…

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Spot Me Girl Feature: Pole Dancing CrossFitter Melissa Sidki

Whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter, CrossFitter, yogi, or runner, Spot Me Girl encourages any kind of activity that gets your booty…

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Gym Lingo Every Newbie Should Learn

We often turn to the search engine for answers to our questions on fitness and nutrition. From there, we find…

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