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20 Times Photoshop and Body-Morphing Went Too Extreme


Welcome to Perfectville. Population: none.

The average celebrity has had her share of nips and tucks as well as a village of makeup artists, trainers, personal chefs and hair stylists to keep her in peak condition. So why do magazines continue to photoshop them into unrealistic “perfect” versions of themselves?

The beauty and fashion industry sells you an unrealistic ideal. All of the most beautiful women in the world have gone under the virtual knife—with or without their consent.

1. Demi Moore


On the cover of W Magazine, a chunk of Demi Moore’s left hip seems to be missing. Both Moore and the magazine denied that the image had been photoshopped.

2. Miranda Kerr

kerr kerr2

The supermodel wife to the youngest billionaire in the world—Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, posted this image to her Instagram in which her waist has been drastically altered. When fans called her out on it she claimed to be ignorant of the alteration.

“When I re-posted the photo this week to support the girls, I screen grabbed it off the internet when I was working in Japan,” she wrote. “I had no idea it was photoshopped. All good intentions—sorry for the confusion and congratulations to the girls for such a great show!”

3. Meghan Trainor


Photoshopping doesn’t stop with images these days. Even music videos are subject to editing. The body-positive singer Meghan Trainer wasn’t happy with the changes made to her body in her music video “Me Too” and had it pulled down to release the original.

She went on the Howard Stern show to explain the mix-up.

“I’m the poster child for no Photoshop,” she explained on the Sirius show. “That’s my thing. I was skinnier than those dancers, who are also very skinny, so when you do that, everyone knows that ain’t real.”

4. Zendaya


The Disney Channel actress spoke out when the photos from a Modeliste Magazine shoot were drastically altered to make her hips and thighs appear almost preadolescent.

“Had a new shoot come out today and was shocked when I found my 19-year-old hips and torso quite manipulated,” she said. “These are the things that make women self-conscious, that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we have. Anyone who knows who I am knows I stand for honest and pure self love.”

5. Ariana Grande


The “Dangerous Woman” seems to have grown huge hands in a promo for her single “Focus.”

6. Kim Kardashian

Last year the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star posed for a risky nude photo shoot in the desert as a way to embrace her body insecurities. However, the 36-year-old’s waist, stomach and face appear to have been slimmed down in the black-and-white version of the photos.


One person wrote on Twitter, “The photoshop in this one is so obvious it burns my eyes.”

7. Victoria’s Secret


This model promoting Victoria’s Secret mesh-back cheeky panties seems to be lacking in the “cheeky” department.


Facebook and Twitter users were quick to point out the Photoshop fail, but the lingerie giant made no comment.

This isn’t the first time Victoria’s Secret has faced scrutiny for extreme retouching. The infamous thigh gap makes an appearance in this seriously distorted image.

8. Lindsay Lohan


The actress received flak for posting  a photo to her Instagram in which her bum has apparently been enhanced—made glaringly obvious by a wavy background.


Just a month later she followed it up with a photo of her hopping on the waist-training trend with a digitally nipped-in waist and yet another wavy background. You know what they say in Tinseltown, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

9. Target


This now removed Target ad extends a model’s thigh gap into her pelvis. Additionally she seems to be missing a rib.

“This was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. We have removed the image from our website,” a Target spokesperson said.

10. Beyoncé


Queen Bey has come under fire before for appearing to digitally alter the strong dancer body she is known for. Fans were quick to point out the distortions in the photo.


The Grammy-award winning singer expresses the pressures women feel to be physically perfect above all else in her moving music video “Pretty Hurts.”

The lyrics are related to third-wave feminism and self empowerment.

“Pretty hurts. Shine the light on whatever’s worse. Perfection is the disease of a nation…Tryna’ fix something, but you can’t fix what you can’t see. It’s the soul that needs the surgery.”

Read on for 10 more epic Photoshop fails.


11. Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey is infamous for photoshopping herself back to her more svelte figure of the 90s on her more recent albums.

“I just want someone who loves me as much as Mariah Carey loves photoshop,” one of her fans laments. #RelationshipGoals

12. Britney Spears


The 34-year-old pop princess may be in better shape than she has been in years, but she is the first to admit she’s not above photoshopping.

“There’s so much they can do with computers to make people look a certain way,” Spears said with a laugh. “So, when I’m waiting for them to take a picture, I’m like, ‘I might as well eat six pieces of pizza, because they can always just–‘”

“Fix it,” Ryan Seacrest chimed in. It’s clear her body had a little help in her “Work Bitch” music video.


13. Kate Winslet


As can be seen in her mirror image, Kate Winslet complained her legs were reduced by “about a third” in a photoshoot for GQ Magazine. Winslet has a history of battling against excessive retouching and recently signed a “no retouching” clause in her contract with cosmetic giant L’Oréal.

“It’s a hope that other people might follow suit, but it does feel important to me because I do think we have a responsibility to the younger generation of women,” she said.


14. Jessica Alba


The chic actress is a regular on the “World’s Most Beautiful Women” lists, but leaked photos from a Campari photoshoot show even her enviable figure is airbrushed.


15. Jennifer Lawrence


Leave it to the fashion industry to find a flaw with the stunning Hunger Games actress. Jennifer Lawrence, 26, is known to be very outspoken against standards of perfection in Hollywood and has blamed photoshop for making her unrecognizable in photos.


“You have to see past it. You look how you look, you have to be comfortable. What are you going to do? Be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb,” she said.

Clearly J.Law is wise beyond her years.

16. Kate Middleton

The already tiny princess bride appeared on the cover of Grazia magazine with an extremely tiny waist—the result of some very heavy-handed photoshop. Even the face that launched a thousand nose jobs isn’t immune to the industry’s unrealistic standards of perfection.

17. Filippa Hamilton


The horror! The size four model was fired from Ralph Lauren shortly after she was photoshopped beyond recognition into grotesque cartoon-like proportions.

“I saw my face on this super-extremely skinny girl, which is not me. It makes me sad. It makes me think that Ralph Lauren wants to have this kind of image. It’s an American brand … and it’s not healthy, and it’s not right,” Hamilton said.

18. Faith Hill


Redbook magazine has been caught red-handed for excessively retouching country music goddess Faith Hill.


Here is how she was distorted by the numbers.

  1. Hair added.
  2. Crows feet completely removed.
  3. Cheeks and nose slimmed.
  4. Mole on earlobe removed.
  5. Neck smoothed.
  6. Lips smoothed.
  7. Clavicle removed.
  8. Back shaved off.
  9. Hand moved.
  10. Butt chopped.
  11. Arm slashed.

Wow. Is there anything they didn’t change?

19. Kelly Clarkson


Self magazine defended their actions of drastically slimming down the American Idol star. The editor said the images were only altered to maker her appear her “personal best.”

Clarkson has said in the past that she is fine with her body at any weight. Clearly she doesn’t have a choice in what is her “personal best.”


20. Kourtney Kardashian

kourtEven new mothers aren’t safe from scrutiny. OK magazine lopped off Kardashian’s belly and slimmed her face to make it appear like she had already lost the baby weight soon after giving birth.

“One of those weeklies got it wrong again…they didn’t have an exclusive with me. And I gained 40 pounds while pregs, not 26…But thanks,” she tweeted.

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