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Studies Prove People Who Post Their Workout Routines on Facebook are Nuts


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It’s official! We’re not haters, and they’re not better than us. No matter how many times a day they post their workouts on Facebook, they’re not even healthier. According to a study by a team of psychologists out of Brunel University in London, those who obsessively post workout routines to Facebook are plain ol’ nuts! Well, not nuts, but their bragging; “look at me” fitness statuses indicate a psychological problem.

We can be secretly grateful they’ve been called out

You’re among friends here; let’s just admit it, we hate seeing their posts pop up. It’s like the scene of a car crash; we feel pity, yet we can’t help looking. While we often cringe on their behalf, we can’t help but secretly enjoy the often-hilarious comments each post attracts. Or perhaps you simply unfollow them on Facebook and only look at their homepage when showing a new fitness enthusiast how not to act.

Michael Jackson eating popcorn, I just came to read comments

The Facebook updates about their fitness routine are relentless. Crushed it in the gym today, brah! Smashed out another PB on my run today, this is the only high I need! Just back from yet another hot-Pilates-anti-gravity-spinning-yoga session! Emoji, emoji, smiley face, smiley face!

They post so many photos and updates you can’t help wondering how they manage to either keep a job or even do half the exercises they claim to.

We all know the type. They upload an endless stream of photos and status updates hell bent on self-promotion and exhibitionism. “Look at me, give me attention, LOVE ME”, they literally scream with every post. If put on the spot, many claim they are simply trying to inspire their Facebook friends with their photos, but is it really that altruistic?

Not sure if fishing for compliments or just low self esteem

It would seem not. Apart from annoying the bullcrap out of the rest of us, the study makes it clear, these people are—surprise, surprise—narcissistic, or as I call them, attention-seeking whorebrags.

A whorebrag is a basic attention seeking whorebag who also desperately tries to convince everyone they are amazing. So, the incessant supply of half-dressed selfies aren’t there to encourage us to get healthier or fitter, it’s pure, naked self-promotion.

What’s behind it?

Studies Prove People Who Post Their Workout Routines on Facebook are Nuts 2

The driving force behind the need to publicly declare one’s achievements can be traced back to narcissistic personality disorder. This disorder is defined as having an overinflated sense of your own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. However, as we have long suspected, behind that bravado is a fragile self-esteem vulnerable to any criticism.

As this video shows, the disorder isn’t limited to women

Perhaps this is why some of us grudgingly “like” their posts. Not because they inspire us, or even because we like them, but because we empathically recognize the desperate craving for acceptance. On some level, we know if we don’t give them some relief they may resort to even more drastic methods… yep, we’re talking attention-seeking whorebraggery on a Kardashian level!

Haters aren’t hating, we just don’t care

Taylor Swift, haters gonna hate

Should anyone dare mention the excessive Facebook posting, they are usually greeted with cries of “hater, hater!” Just so we’re clear, unless you’re making kiss-my-ass amounts of money from posting on Facebook, no one cares enough to “hate on” you. Apart from other narcissists, most of us are too busy training because we genuinely like our own bodies and enjoy feeling fit.

For a whorebrag, however, it’s all about trying to prove to everyone how much effort is put into looking good. They hope to accumulate likes, invoke jealousy and thus bolster their self-esteem. However, the only envy-inducing part of their lives is how much free time they have. For those of us into fitness for the love of it, we let our healthy lives do the talking, not egotistical posts on Facebook.

I don't always talk about crossfit. Okay, yes I do

Don’t worry though, if you’re thinking you don’t have a friend like that, it’s probably because it’s you. Or you’re a CrossFitter and it’s all you and your kind do. Time to go check out Facebook; Fairy Bromother, out!

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