The Best Gym Pranks On the Internet

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Gym etiquette – a bunch of unspoken rules that we all abide by in order to make the gym a nicer place for everybody: Don’t be loud, give people their space, practice good hygiene and so on.
They aren’t a difficult set of rules, but there’s always that one person who just doesn’t get them.

To prove my point I could take a video camera to my local gym and film what goes down, but hey I still wanna work out there for the foreseeable future, so instead check out these hilarious gym pranks and see how many ‘gym douchebags’ you can recognize.

1. The Machine Hogger

You know the guy – he thinks he has his own spot, he loiters around the leg press when you’ve just jumped on it and he runs over to the cable machine to shout ‘hey I was using that’ when he’s been checking himself out in the mirror for the past 5 minutes. We all hate him, period.

2.The Grunter

You’re in the zone, you’re feeling the burn and you’re right where you wanna be – focused. It’s all in your head and that’s exactly where it should be, but that’s not enough for some people. Grunters want everyone to know exactly how tough their workout is and they’re not going to stop vocalizing it until the whole gym can feel their pain.

3. The Space Invader

He’s everywhere you turn, whether he’s waiting to jump on the machine right after you, standing in front of you at the mirror or bashing you with his weights. It’s not cool and it’s not funny and he clearly needs a lesson in personal space.

The Watcher

You know the guy, he stands there, he watches and he creeps everybody the f out. If you wanna watch something stay at home and get a subscription to Netflix dude.

5. The Angry Dude

The rage has set in and it’s not going anywhere for the angry dude. He huffs, he puffs and he rubs everybody up the wrong way with his negative attitude and angry stares. Maybe it’s time you left the gym and tried a spot of yoga instead?

6. The WTF Guy?

Do you laugh or cry? That’s the main decision here. We know it’s not nice to be mean and we’re all about helping a bro out if he’s getting something wrong, but seriously, sometimes you wonder how the wtf guy even makes it out of bed in the morning.

7.The Ultimate Gym Douche

He thinks he owns the gym, he walks around making small talk and he loves to give people advice that they didn’t ask for. He’s plain rude and yes, he’s the ultimate gym douche.

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