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The Worst Gym Injuries Ever: Ego Lifting Addition

You know what’s one of the worst things you can do in the gym? Cause a lifelong injury by doing something stupid while trying to show off. You know what’s worse than that? Having someone record it happen.

A recent gym injury video has been making the rounds on social media and it’s hard to watch.

It starts off as most of these kinds of video’s do: some stupid knob gobbler lifting way too heavy of weight with awful form. In this guy’s case, an overloaded leg press machine. Check it out.

The Worst Gym Injuries Ever: Ego Lifting Addition

Great googly moogly! That was terrible. Now, his first mistake is obvious; he’s “pushing” too much weight. This is clearly more than he can handle.

Secondly, he’s not even using any real range of motion. And he’s using his hands to help too! What’s the point in this?

His final, and most egregious mistake, is that he locks his legs out—which takes him on a direct trip to snap city: population, one jabroni. Man, that’s ugly looking. That injury looks worse than CrossFit snatches.

Image result for crossfit fail gif

Of course, the buffoon above isn’t the only one to fall victim to the leg press machine. Countless others worldwide have felt their lower extremities obliterated by an overloaded machine. Sadly, ego lifting is most often the culprit for their failure.

For some reason people feel the leg press is the best place to show off how much “they can lift.” But this is only because they feel it’s safer than something like squats or deadlifts, due to the safety stops along the sides of the machine.

That doesn’t stop what happens when you lock out your legs, though. NEVER LOCK OUT!

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Hey, let’s go to the leg press machine’s bigger, cooler brother—the squat. Surely people aren’t dumb enough to try and squat absurd amounts of weight even though they have old pool noodles for legs, right?

Yeah, about that… For some reason squats are another lift where people think they must slap on a sh!t ton of plates to look cool.

This is all fine and dandy until their knees buckle like the legs of an IKEA computer chair under the weight of an avid WOW player. But even the big boys succumb to using too much weight.

Fortunately, that guy got off pretty easy. The same can’t be said for the guy in our next squat fail. And while he’s not ego lifting in the normal sense, this is still a case of too much weight and not enough man.

Here’s some quick background information. The guy in the video is Paul Jordan. He’s attempting his third squat in the 1977 IPF World Championships, and it does not go well.

From the looks of it, I doubt he was able to walk for a long time. See what you think. But beware, this is extremely graphic.

Seeing that makes me envious of the first guy. At least that guy appeared to only blow up one leg. Paul Jordan looked like he wrecked his whole body. But at least he went out trying to accomplish a huge lift he may have been capable of lifting.

That can’t be said for most gym noobs who try throwing up huge numbers without even knowing the basics of the lift first.

Those are the guys you always see quarter squatting heavy weight until they blow a disc in their back. Then again, even when they do go all the way down, it’s not always a good thing.

Image result for squat fail gif

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Let’s finish this off with one of the most injury induced lifts for the ego lifter: the bench press. The key to a good bench press is good form and technique. You should never lift crazy heavy on the bench if you haven’t mastered proper form.

Of course, this doesn’t stop the ego lifter. Many guys ignore their limitations and try to put up heavy weight—no matter how awful they look while doing it.

They think lifting heavy is the most important thing. Like that’s what impresses people. Does this look impressive?

Now, it can be assumed he was capable of lifting that. But the suicide grip he was using was what caused the accident. He’s lucky if he got away without serious injury to his chest and neck. The same can’t be said for our next unfortunate lifter.

This is another weightlifting competition fail video. And this guy, bench press champion Otto Selin, learned the hard what one little mistake can cause; he destroys his arm and screams bloody murder. This is very hard to watch.

Watching that just makes your liver shiver and causes you to pee a little. Imagine the pain that guy must’ve felt. It had to be unbearable. And he’s a pro lifter. There’s inexperienced lifters out there who screw around and hurt themselves for life.

Whether its competition lifting, or just trying to show off in the gym, you must know what your body can handle before you start lifting heavy.

Even the pros take chances every time they try to set records and win competitions. Remaining injury free isn’t guaranteed. But you can better your chances by not being an idiot.

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