Watching How Gummy Bears Are Made Will Turn You Off Them For Life

Jelly worms never looked so unappealing.

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Candy is the bane of many a diet, and gummy bears are among the most delicious (and adorable) distractions along any of our roads to fitness nirvana.

However, a video recently emerged showing how they and other sweet treats are made, and you may think about switching to that vegan diet after all having seen it.

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Many readers out there may not know most gummy candies are not suitable for vegans, owing to the fact they’re made using animal by-products—such as bones and skin—to form gelatin, the key ingredient.

Any unfortunate vegans who weren’t aware and now happen to be reading this article; stop now. You’ll thank us later. Or at the very least, exit at the 30-second mark, because that’s when things get really grim.

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Gummy worms, gummy pizzas and gummy shoelaces are some of the most delectable ‘naughty’ foods out there, but even the most avid sweet fan will want to rethink cheat day after this one.

Last warning: the squeamish should not advance, especially those hoping to enjoy their candy to the fullest from her one out. For everyone else, keep reading on the next page.


Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens created this particular monstrosity in an effort to showcase just how grisly the methods behind out madness—gummies, in this case—really are.

The video is all the more cruel to those unaware of its nature when considering Kneepkens made the decision to play it in reverse.Image result for how gummies are made

This lulls into the sweetest-yet-false sense of security before unleashing upon us the butcher-fuelled nightmare that is the early process of what goes into creating our sugar-filled fancies.

So, what’s the process for creating just about any bear, worm or baby dummy you’ve ever consumed?

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First things first, pigs and dipped, washed and boiled to make sure their flesh—yes, flesh—is loose enough for the rest of the process, where they’re then skinned and flayed before being set to one side with hundreds of other victims just like them.

Specialised flamethrowers are also used to ensure the skin is taken from the carcass with as little mess as possible. It’s amazing what humans can do when they really put their minds to it.

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Next, the skin and meat is taken off by machines we’re more used to seeing in Terminator than in real life, before being carted off to be melted down and blended into a green goo along with a myriad of other ingredients.

The final product is a green goo that of course goes on to become the gummy treats we all know and love, but there probably isn’t enough money on this earth that would make this writer take a sip of that slop.

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Having said that, is said green goo tasted like a jelly snake and had the fizziness of a sour jelly bean, I’d at least give it a good think.

And there you have it: From the farm to your pick ‘n mix bag, the process it takes to create your favourite candy in all its glory.

It’s of course worth mentioning there are many vegan alternatives and companies that don’t use animal products in their sweets, but from someone who has already sampled them, I’ll be the first to disappoint you: It’s just not the same.

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