Women, Don’t Ever Let Society Tell you that Your Body is Not Ideal

Perfect body, says who?

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Society makes us think we have to alter and change our bodies in some way. “Science says this and science says that,” well screw science. We are never going to look like the woman standing next to us because there is no ideal women’s body. It is only the trends out there that tell us otherwise.


I know each and every one of you has been in search of “that” ideal body. Please stop right there and think about what you’re actually doing to yourself. Have you thought about your genetics and or even your bone structure? Societal trends regarding a women’s ideal body type started way back in the renaissance period. In these times, overweight women were considered the ideal body type and thin women were viewed as poor because it looked like they couldn’t afford to eat.


Where’s that viewpoint now, because we tend to admire, tall and extremely thin, models who look like they haven’t eaten in weeks…


Thin is displayed in the fashion industry quite often as well. I mean seriously, what is with this thin business? Well, thanks, Hollywood. I’d love to get back to the times of Marilyn Monroe when curves were viewed as sexy. It was during these times that women wanted and loved to show off their curves like she did. Hollywood played a role then and Hollywood certainly plays a role now.


“To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, it’s society who’s ugly.”  -Marilyn Monroe

Body type has made a full circle in regards to that ideal type. In the 1960’s dangerously thin was the body type to strive for. The “model movement” of the 1960’s inspired women to be as skinny as they could, just like the models of their time. The whole show off your curves thing was out the window and skinny was the new trend. This trend brought on the beginning of extreme dieting and eating disorders, which have been an ongoing issue ever since. Sigh, the things women will do just because they think they have to look a certain way. Is it sad isn’t?

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Models of the 1960’s
The “Aerobic Body” was the next big trend of the 1980’s. Women wanted to wear tight aerobic clothing to emphasize their bodies. Women would strive for that toned, sleek look without wanting to gain too much muscle. Sexy was a small figure fitting into tight spandex, which then leads me to the 1990’s where thin was in again. The ideal body cycle trend continued and thin models of the 90’s were yet again influencing young women.

Models of the 1980’s
Models of the 1990’s
So, whatever happened to the ideal that ‘bigger was better?’ Good thing in today’s times we are working towards embracing the idea of curves again. In the past decade, we have started to see the curvier women of Hollywood, flaunting their curves on magazines and in movies. The times of Marilyn Monroe are coming back and it’s a beautiful thing. However, body ideals and trends are still a major issue in today’s society and we still have that “thin” influence.

What will the next big trend be? Luckily, we are on a good path to promoting self-love and body positivity. I want to hope it stays this way because women should know that there is no perfect body.

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