How Jade Socoby went from 320lbs to Powerlifting Pocahontas

From babe to beast in no time.

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screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-10-54-32-pmWe always have certain targets in mind, but due to certain circumstances, those targets can sometimes remain just that. This is because we have certain excuses; maybe we don’t have the required time, or maybe it’s due to financial or family problems.

Here, we present to you the incredible story of Jade Socoby, the 320lbs girl who lost more than half that weight within a span of three-and-a-half years along with adding a good amount of muscle mass. Her will and determination along the way will assuredly inspire you.

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Socoby started her journey in 2013. At that moment her life, she was pretty much dull. She hated to go out in public due to fear of embarrassment and used to sit indoors for entire days while binging on food and alcohol. Another thing that was going on in her life at that moment was her mentally abusive long-term relationship.

That also made a major impact on her eating habits. But one day, she realised how she was wasting her life and decided to change her for the better. The change she wanted to bring into her life was not only mental but physical as well. This is when the journey of Jade Socoby, also known by the name “The Powerlifting Pocahontas” in the lifting world, first began.

Jade asked her brother to help her out initially at the local gym. Being where she came from physically, it was very difficult for her to know what to do exactly. She started doing a lot of cardio, focused on her nutrition, and the results speak for themselves.

Socoby is a big fan of If It Fits Yours Macros (IIFYM), so when she feels like a having a pizza, she doesn’t mind enjoying herself but makes sure to include it in her macronutrients. She also used to drink a lot of alcohol before, and giving up on that was also very difficult for her. One other obstacle she faced in her life was there was no support from her friends and family, and the sole reason she persisted was because of her own desire to succeed.


It was during her weight-loss journey she found out her true passion. Socoby says she noticed there were never any girls at the powerlifting room of the gym she trained at. This got her very intrigued and she wanted to try out powerlifting. For a few initial months, Socoby did only deadlifts before she started incorporating squats and bench press into her routine. “To enter into that red room (the powerlifting room of her gym) was one of the best decisions of my life,” she said.

She has grown to become quiet accomplished in the lifting world now. Here is a video of Socoby showcasing one of her best totals:

Women usually think lifting heavy weight makes them manly. Socoby is a great example of how this is not the case. She hates it when people tell her to stop lifting because that will make her a brute. She argues lifting enhanced her natural curves and was also a great way to burn body fat.

“Lifting makes you manly.” You be the judge.


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