Ladies, Listen Up! That Size on the Tag Doesn’t Matter

It’s not you, it’s women’s sizing.

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Women’s sizing is seriously so messed up and men have it so much easier. Can I get an amen? My boyfriend can go into a store grab his size and usually have next to no sizing issues. I on the other have a whole slew of sizing issues and it’s beyond obnoxious.

If only I could go into a store grab my size, just like my boyfriend and all is well. Sadly no, instead the fashion industry is like yeah ‘just kidding’ I am going to make you try on a million pairs of pants.

It goes a little something like this, say you want a new pair of jeans, but you want to try a different brand? You’ll go to that particular store thinking it will be an easy shopping trip; well, think again.

You grab a pair of jeans in the size you’re currently wearing, try them on and quickly become very disappointed. They don’t fit right do they? You suddenly feel like you have gained weight, don’t you? It’s okay, because you’re not alone in this. I run into this issue every single time I go shopping, but the good news is there is an answer to this mess.

The answer is that women’s clothing sizes do indeed vary from store to store. A size four at Zara isn’t going to be the same as a size four at American Eagle. Size four, six, eight or whatever means nothing, they are just random numbers. So wait, we have lived our whole lives shopping not realizing women’s sizing are just random numbers!? The discrepancies in women’s sizing is enough to make any woman loathe shopping.

The reason being is that companies could be using sizes as a marketing tool to gear towards a particular demographic. Sizing can even vary within the same brand like Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic and or Urban Outfitters, Anthropologies and Free People. It doesn’t make sense.

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As quoted from the video above, Lynn Boorady, PhD, of the fashion industry says it has nothing to do with our bodies and everything to do with the industry.

“It’s not you, it’s the industry. It’s not women’s bodies. We’re fine the way we are. They’re just random numbers. They don’t mean anything and if you don’t like the size, just cut it out of your clothes.”

skinny jeans

We need to remember it isn’t us or our bodies, because they are just random numbers. So, next time you go shopping try not to get your panties in bunch over size. Who cares? Here’s a tip: Shopping is made easy by ignoring what’s on the tag and just eyeballing the item for size.

Trust me, this trick works wonders, and I personally have a vast majority of size range in my closet because of it! If the piece of clothing fits and it looks great, who gives a flying crap about what the inside tag says? Really think about it; no one is going to see that sh*t anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.49.29 AM[1]

This is a reason to never feel bad or ashamed, because you have to go up a size in a pair of jeans to get them to fit right. If you’re normally a size six and you have to go up a size in a particular clothing store, then so be it.

Don’t let these clothing sizes control your emotions, because otherwise you might be in for a whirlwind of frustration not to mention a terrible shopping experience. Trust me, I’ve been there, and not caring about what the inside clothing tag says makes shopping way more fun.

If the size on the tag really bothers you that much, then cut it out. Stay confident, and happy shopping!

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