5 Things Lifting Does For A Woman Other Than Build A Great Ass

Lifting reaps much more reward than just an insane booty

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Women are becoming increasingly bolder at the gym, reclaiming their rightful space to practice the limits of their power. Lifting has become a pertinent role in many women’s lives, reaping much more reward than just an insane booty. If you ever needed more reason to do something life-changing, here you go!

1. Encourages Lifestyle Changes

When habits are formed, the friends of that habit tend to follow suit. So, when you have a habit of skipping the gym, it also becomes easier to indulge in an “extra” cheat meal. Before you know it, you haven’t gone to the gym all month, and all the fresh veggies in your fridge have rotted. Lifting has a powerful reward system that not all forms of exercise can give you. When you habitually pump iron, your body is incredibly responsive. The next day, you are sore and exhausted­. This is your body’s way of telling you that you’ve challenged it. Your craving for junk food tends to dissipate when your lifestyle revolves around challenging your body. Your body is going to demand food that will properly fuel and restore itself for the next workout session, following suit.


2. Gives A Ridiculous Amount of Confidence

There’s a lot more to lifting than the physical results. Of course, you’ll begin to notice how strong you are growing. But then you’ll notice you don’t walk down the street the same way, the undeniable swag of a lifter. Between becoming stronger and feeling sexier, lifting boosts confidence that transcends physicality. Since the practice of lifting is a constant challenge, this becomes a ritual you practice in other aspects of your life: work, school, and home. You become more strong-willed and empowered. Through hard work and discipline, regardless of the level of the challenge, you can have anything you want. This feeling is what makes women unstoppable.


3. Fights Aging Better Than Anything Else

Everything seems to be marketed for anti-aging, but how effective are these products? With lifting, you will never be let down. Since there is such a quick reward system, it keeps you motivated. Also, there’s always room for improvement, so you don’t lose motivation due to lack of a clear goal. Lifting improves overall health, resisting sarcopenia (muscle loss including musculoskeletal weakness), and improving bone health–critical elements to keeping your body young. Age is also just a state of mind. You can be young in body and mind through lifting because it keeps your body active and your mind sharp.


4. Boosts Energy Levels

When you feel sluggish and tired, you lose enthusiasm and motivation to pursue all of your aspirations in this oppressive, patriarchal society. As women, we have to work twice as hard to get what we want out of this life. So, in turn, we have to prep ourselves twice as much for the undertaking. Being an active lifter boosts women’s energy levels translating into a more productive mentality. With more energy, it’s easier to go after your dreams with fervor and passion. The battle never ends! So, retain your power and lift more.


5. Fuels Sexual Appetite

Last, but definitely not least, some notorious results of lifting is an increase in a woman’s sexual appetite. You have more confidence, feel stronger, and just damn sexy. That unstoppable feeling translates into the bedroom. Lifting strengthens your relationship to your body. It helps build an empowered perspective of yourself. It’s important to love your body regardless of your physique. Through lifting, it creates a positive conversation between you and your body because your body knows you’re not neglecting it. You have been worshipping it in the gym, and that will translate to honoring your inner sex goddess. Not to mention, you have much more stamina to do more, more often.


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