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Being a mom is awesome. It is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling job that takes all the brains and guts you’ve got. As in love with your kids as you might be, you are not only a mom. You’re a unique woman with goals, dreams, and attributes that make you fruitful and hardworking. Taking care of yourself and reaching your goals in the gym is another way of taking care of your family. Just because you became a mom, doesn’t mean you have to let go of everything else that makes you an individual. Fit motherhood is possible. With a few tricks, you can make it a priority.


Stay Motivated And GET OFF YOUR BUTT

You can’t reach your goals if you’re not putting in the work. Being a busy mom means that you no longer have the luxury of “not feeling like it today” or “I will do it tomorrow.” If this is the only time you have to get in a lift session, suck it up and do it. Kids are unpredictable, and your next chance might not be as soon as you think. It doesn’t matter how long you have: lift heavy, run fast, jump high, and do the work! Twenty minutes is better than zero, don’t let that be an excuse. Tell those mom jeans and flat butts to shove off and lift something!


Another great option is to do family workouts with items that are around your house. Set up a workout including laps around the house, laps up and down the porch steps, jumping rope, push-ups, sit-ups, air squats, burpees. The possibilities are endless! Exercise should be fun for you and your kids. May I suggest a cool down with the water sprinkler?

Organization And Food Prep

Organizing your workout time with your partner is fundamental to helping you reach your goals. Use one of the many apps out there to share your weekly schedule with your significant other. Mark the times for your workouts clearly, and communicate that this is YOUR time to take care of yourself. Check out these apps: Calendars by Readdle, Timetable Weekly (if you are a student), and Schedule Planner.


Lunch hour is perfect for a busy mom to fit exercise into her schedule. Dry shampoo and a blow dryer are your best friend. Learn to master a five-minute makeup job, and you’re on a roll! If your gym or studio allows you to rent a locker, it would be worth the investment to store three to five workout outfits, socks, your shoes, and shower gear at the gym. If not, keep a large tote with these same items in your trunk. It will make getting to the gym a whole lot easier. Bring your clothes home at the end of the week and launder them all at one time.

My guess is if you’re reading this article, you have read many others on the importance of food prep. I’m not going to bore you with more blah blah blah because you already know. However, I am going to offer some suggestions benefiting your entire family and making your life a lot easier.


Engage your children in prepping their lunches and snacks for the week. Label bins one through five and keep them in your refrigerator for storing lunch items and snacks. It could look something like this: Bin 1— turkey or ham roll ups, 2-sliced veggies with ranch dressing, 3-baggie of grapes, 4-yogurt or cottage cheese, 5-homemade trail mix or some snack item. Each night before bed, allow them to put one or two items from each bin in their lunch boxes for the next day. By doing this, you’ll show them how to be responsible for themselves, how to put together a healthy meal, and it’ll give you extra time in the morning.


Another great way to keep those kids organized is to purchase each child a five drawer organizational system, marking each drawer with a day of the week. After prepping their lunches, have them choose their outfits for school, placing them along with their socks, undies, and shoes in each bin. They can now dress themselves before school each morning, giving you more time to head to the gym. You can find these storage systems anywhere that sells home goods and storage containers.

These same skills apply to you too, mom! Prep your meals for the week, lay out your workout gear, get your bag packed, and by the door, so you’re ready to go. Mom, I know you’re tired, but putting forth the effort ahead of time will make your life a lot easier and help set you up for success.


One Day at a Time

Motherhood can sometimes feel like an endless parade of laundry, dinner, dishes, diapers, and kissing boo-boos. When you’re taking care of little people, it can seem overwhelming finding the time to take care of yourself. Dishes be damned! You have goals! You want great glutes and gorgeous rounded shoulder caps.

Lauren Lewis qualified for the North East Regional just four months after having her first baby. #CrossFit: Your training sessions help you keep your sanity, give you energy, and keep the romance alive. Staying motivated can be hard when you have an endless list of things to do and a baby crying for some boob juice, Instead of using motherhood as an excuse, use it as a tool to stay motivated and focused on what you want for you and your family. Remember: you are a leader, the nucleus of your family. You’re the one setting an example for future generations. You can do this!

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