The Reasons Why Men Have More Body Image Issues Than Ever Before

Feeling body conscious is a completely natural sensation.

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The world is a funny place. Reality is less accepted than fiction, and most of us can’t help but to follow ideals in all aspects of our life. Particularly concerning is body image issues that have skyrocketed in the last five years. Every other day, there is a new ad, a new film, a new magazine cover that showcases a perfectly chiseled male body like its cut to perfection using sculpting tools.

Perfect abs, the V shape, the gigantic biceps and triceps and other muscular bodies can be seen everywhere on TV screens. When as a real world, the average male living a carefree lifestyle and going about your business in daily life, you come across these advertisements and billboards and begin to question yourself.

You start looking in the mirror more often, wondering if you could learn something from showbiz. Here is where the whole cycle of “I’ll do anything to look like that” begins. What you may not realize is that celebs have a lot of time on their hands, and they go through various cosmetic procedures for quick results.

Its all about the angles and lighting

Another tool they use to look so perfect is Photoshop! They also use a lot of makeup and various angles of lighting and photography. Most of what you see in a magazine or on television is edited several times before appearing in front of your eyes.

Since you are so blinded by peer pressure and the pressure of the big screen, you neglect to notice or address these facts. You have a one track mind to simply go and obtain the perfect abs, biceps, thighs and butt. Without realizing all these factors, you begin a chain of anxious thoughts and take the plunge towards unhealthy and unnatural means of obtaining your goals.


The whole packet of steroids and a yearly subscription to a fancy gym come into the picture, rendering you anxious to get that shape every Hollywood actor is so proud to flaunt. It’s not bad to be passionate, but at what cost? Chemicals and drugs—depending on their strength—are all going to get your health tumbling down in the same time frame as you expect your body to get beefed up.

The harm these artificial substances can cause is far greater than the chiseled body they promise to give you. They talk about the results, but what about the repercussions? Steroids are the worst when it comes to ruining your health, and unless you wish to potentially reduce your lifespan at the cost of looking great, stay far away from them.

Going to the gym is beneficial, and we all know that, but natural processes take time you’re not sure you have. This is because you don’t want to be left far behind in the rat race to become one of the most appealing alpha males around. It’s high time you understand the importance of your health over body image. Of course, if you’re overweight, that is harmful for your health, too, but there should be a natural process in place to get you your desired results, both in health and body image.

You need to hit the gym to get yourself in shape and good health, this is where you need to listen to your body’s need. Yes, your body gives you loads of signal every day and you may be ignoring most of them.

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When you want to eat, when your body needs to rest, when you need a pause from work and so on, your body signals everything, and neglecting the same leads to issues. In addition to this, there is a need to review your thoughts, feelings, emotions and everything in between.

What you think about yourself is something that matters a lot. “I am fat,” “I am ugly” “and no-one loves me” are some of those unwanted and negative thoughts you need to stay away from. Establish proper positive communication with your mind, body and thoughts. Though it may seem time to change the habits and thinking, this is what you need to do.


Even when you are in the unhealthiest state, there is something that’s working.

You are breathing. This is the proof that your mind and body are active, and yes, you can change things the way you want. So, give yourself some time, think about what you actually want, how you want to look and everything you need or feel, then start taking actions accordingly to improve the quality of your life.

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