Miss BumBum Reveals Diet Secret To Her Bodacious Booty

This Brazilian bombshell’s secret method may surprise you..

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The Miss BumBum pageant—as its names suggests—is an annual competition held to discover the finest derriere in all of Brazil, and Suzy Cortez walked away with the 2016 crown having flaunted her extraordinary backside.

Big, thick, plump and just the right amount of muscular; although the description of Cortez’s behind may sound seedy, it truly is one of the most beautiful booties you’re likely to ever lay eyes on.

Naturally, women the world over would like to know exactly how the Brazilian bombshell developed such a terrific tush, and and Cortez has shared her secret with the world—but it’s not what you may think.

Read on to find out how this sizzling samba model got all that junk in her trunk and keeps it there.


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One thousand squats per day? A high-protein, high-carb diet? Hours on the stairmaster? “Nope, nope and nope” is the response to all the above theories as Cortez revealed her secret: Plants.

That’s right, the person that perfected such a meaty mound is actually a vegan.

Per Sarah Buchanan of the Daily Star, the reigning Miss BumBum recently elaborated on her plant-based diet, which in no doubt falls in conjunction with a strict gym routine, also:

I always had a big butt but with time and exercise it got better – more beautiful, round and pert. I’m vegan. My diet is based on vegetables, fruit and soy protein.

It works differently for everyone, but you should consult a nutritionist and hire a personal trainer. But I’m very lucky because of my genes too.

I’ve got great jeans and never does my butt look like that. Skinny jeans, bootcut, corduroys, and not once has my ass even resembled such a fine form, so Cortez needs to reveal her retailer of choice next up.

On a more serious note, the South American’s revelation just goes to show that protein—despite what many may be led to believe by supplement chains and advertisers—isn’t the Holy Grail of bodybuilding.

A proper diet should be the foundation of any athlete’s regime, and Cortez’s progress shows the proof is in the very substantial pudding, of which I would like a slice.

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