Jujimufu “The Anabolic Acrobat” Talks With SpotMeGirl.com

Know all about this acrobatic bodybuilder.

 Quick Stats

Age: 31

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 235 lbs

Jon Call AKA Jujimufu “The Anabolic Acrobat” Talks With SpotMeGirl.com

To start things off it would be nice to learn a little about your background growing up.

Jujimufu “The Anabolic Acrobat” Talks With Spotmegirl.com

I grew up in a normal family with a brother and sister and good parents who are still married.

I got into fitness when I was 13 years old, before that time I was one of those kids who just played video games and drank Tang and Soft drinks.

What part of being into fitness interested you the most?

My introduction into fitness was through Taekwondo. I needed a hobby other than being alone playing video games.

I made a new friend at school who was a black belt and he could do moves I thought were cool. He’d tell me all about them and I was so interested. He invited me to a class. When I tried it out I remember it being hard but exciting. There were things I couldn’t do that I wanted to be able to do, like jump kick and break boards and do the splits.

Were there any big pivotal changes in your life?

Joining the dojo and becoming a martial artist and, later, discovering acrobatic martial arts (tricking) were the biggest pivotal changes in my life.

 Tell us about your diet.

I eat a generic bodybuilder diet. 6 meals a day. High protein. I prefer increasing carbohydrate intake and reducing fat intake. My daily PCF split is probably something like 40:40:20. I prefer eating hypoallergenic foods. So I try to avoid oats, wheat, peanut butter, milk, etc.

I also eat very high quantities of the angriest foods like garlic, ginger root, lemons, rosemary, cinnamon, etc. I also juice fresh fruits and vegetables every day to maintain my health because Jack Lalanne did it and he was a real winner.

Talk to us about your workout routine.

For tricking, the acrobatic stuff, I just work on my favorite tricks and my strengths.  For bodybuilding I do the opposite: I put most of my work towards my weaknesses instead of my strengths.

For example, I have terrible genetics for pectoral and bicep development. I have to work those groups three times as much as everything else and really put some thought into how I train them. While my back responds to any sort of mindlessness; it adapts quickly to new loads and exercises.

What is your favorite part of training and the bodybuilding journey?

I don’t have a favorite part of training. I feel like that question is sort of like asking someone what their favorite color is. As an adult, we realize that colors only have meaning in the context of this being a world with many colors. I wouldn’t have a favorite part of training without all the other parts, and there are may parts.

How has bodybuilding changed your life over the years?

I can’t really remember much of my life before training. It was a haze of dehydration and video games. The dehydration was from me not drinking water until I started training when I was 13. I seriously lived off tang, cola, milk, juice, etc. before I became a teenager.

I remember when I’d drink water and I’d gag and cry. I was such a wuss and felt pretty much like crap all the time. Not that I blame my parents for allowing me to have these type of nutrition habits, the moment I took an interest in nutrition my parents supported me 100%. But really, my life didn’t really begin until I started training, so it is my life, it didn’t change my life.

 Tell us a little about what motivates you.

The thing that motivates me the most is simply coming up with good ideas to pursue and the thrill of racing people to making them a reality. If you have a great idea, don’t you feel a little worried someone is going to beat you to it?

Since most of my training revolves around entertaining people and myself, the core of that is coming up with ideas, especially video ideas, that nobody else has, and doing it before them. I don’t want people to beat me to an idea I get.

Case in point, the weighted chair splits. Never tried em, but when the idea popped into my head, I went from not having ever tried them, to doing them with a 100 lb barbell over my head in about 2 weeks. How did I do this? I didn’t want someone to beat me to that idea.

What supplements do you like?

I use a ton of supplements, everything from A-Z. A better question would be, what I don’t like.

I’ll cherry pick a few I don’t like. I don’t care for arginine supplements, they won’t give you a pump or make you vascular, it’s nonsense. I love creatine monohydrate, all other forms are useless. Almost all fat burners suck.

If you want a good fat burner, go get some ephedrine sulfate in the form of the asthma medication Bronkaid from a pharmacy, if you’re in the US that is. Combine it with caffeine from any source and you’re going to be doing very well.

Lastly, is there anything that you want to achieve in this industry?

I just want to continue doing what I’m doing. I think I’m doing a good job, I just want to keep it growing and keep it going. People who are “never satisfied” are stupid and immature and childish. I’m super happy with how far I’ve come, and I can be present in this moment and say “Damn, this is awesome I’m happy with where I’m at!” but this doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to go for more and keep going.

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/jujimufu

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jujimufu

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