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Quick Stats

  • Age: 30
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Offseason Weight: 119lbs | Stage Weight: 110lbs

To start things off, we would love to learn a little about your background growing up.

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I grew up in the countryside with my parents and sisters. I was very active as a child and practiced a lot of athletics, ran several times a week and played football with the guys. When I got older I became more interested in partying and becoming a model and hostess.

Weight training came into my life about four years ago and has been a part of my everyday life ever since.

What part of being into fitness interests you the most?

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I am most interested in weight training and also in martial arts. I’ve trained in judo earlier and plan to take it up again soon. I compete in bikini fitness but am currently offseason because I want to gain muscle mass before I compete next time.

Were there any major changes in your life after you joined fitness?

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Before I started training and competing in bikini fitness, I worked as a model and hostess. I traveled a lot throughout Sweden working in various nightclubs.

During this time I ate a lot of junk food and drank alcohol every weekend. I got tired of this lifestyle so I decided to make a change. I started eating healthy and started training six days a week. This healthy lifestyle makes me feel so much better.

Please talk to us about your diet.

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Now that I’m in my offseason, I don’t count my calories but I eat good and nutritious food.

I’m eating the same food I eat while I’m on a competition diet but in bigger quantities.

For example, I eat a lot of rice, potatoes, mixed vegetables and the protein source usually consists of chicken, cod, beef, salmon and shrimp. In the weekends I enjoy it with red meat, hamburgers and maybe some whiskey or beer.

 What does your workout routine look like?

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I workout four to six days a week and I always train two muscle groups a day. I stick to roughly four sets of 12 reps of each exercise.

Currently, I only do weight training. I hardly do any cardio since I hate it. Sometimes I vary my training and do German volume training to shock my muscles.

What is your favorite part of training and the bodybuilding journey?

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The most encouraging and fun thing about bodybuilding is to see how the body changes and becomes stronger. It’s beautiful how you can sculpt your own body and build it according to your wishes and goals.

Even from a health perspective, you have more energy throughout the day. You also feel better and stronger if you workout regularly and your diet is on point.

Among the best parts of the training has been to compete in bikini fitness. It’s so exciting to see what can be achieved with all the exercise and diet. I love to see the definition in my abs. I’m a competitive person so I like to have a competition to look forward to. It drives me to train harder and be motivated.

How has bodybuilding changed your life over the years?

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Bodybuilding has made me stronger and raised my self-esteem.

Over everything else, it has made me healthier. Earlier when I didn’t train, I got sick often and was constantly tired. Since I’ve started working out and eating healthy, I’ve become much more alert and healthier.

What trends do you see happening now within the bodybuilding industry?

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A new trend I can see in bikini fitness in Sweden is that a more muscular look is sought after which I think is a good thing. Even the posing has become more tasteful and shows you need more muscle to get a good score by the judges. It’s especially important when it comes to the back and legs.

Tell us a little about what motivates you.

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For me the aesthetics are important. I like being tight and having muscles because I think it’s really beautiful. This keeps me motivated. I like to compete, I sign up for various competitions to keep myself motivated.

What supplements do you like?

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I like whey and casein protein and I also like to use a pre-workout supplement to get extra energy when needed. I take multivitamins and antioxidants every day to perform at my optimal levels.

Have there been any secrets to your success?

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I’m focused and driven and have a lot of love for the sport. I think if you love something it shows and this leads to success.

Is there anything you want to achieve in this industry?

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I want to inspire people to train and live a healthier life. You only have one body throughout your life, so it’s important to treat it well. That’s why I also help people with diet and exercise. I work as an online coach and love to see when people feel better and reach their dreams.

What’s next for you?

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I’ll continue to build muscle mass for a while before I decide to compete again. Until then, I plan on helping girls who want to compete in bikini fitness and help others with their diet and exercise. I’ll be doing training videos and will also be launching several training programs in the future. I have a lot going on.

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