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There are a lot of faces out there that motivate and inspire us, but there are some that you see over and over. Ashley Hoffmann is one of those people that you’ve pinned, liked, and shared because of her amazing physique and motivating pro status. Take a look at our awesome interview with her discussing her training style, her health, and what it means to be a part of the WBFF!

Spot Me Girl: Let’s get started! Tell us what made you choose to compete in the WBFF?
Ashley Hoffmann: I originally started in NPC bikini, where I did some local shows and placed 1st and overall. I did two national shows and did well but the judges’ feedback was that I was too muscular for bikini but too small for figure. I was always inspired by Jen Jewell and other fitness models from the WBFF and fell in love! With the WBFF, there is more stage time, more personality, and awesome, gorgeous theme wear. I completely fell in love with the WBFF family. Everyone is so nice and welcoming and it fits my physique much better.

SMG: A lot of competitors or athletes seek sponsorship but don’t know how to go about getting to that level, what are 3 tips you can give to someone looking to grow in that direction
AH: 1. Don’t chase sponsors. There are thousands of athletes that contact them daily. You need to build an image and brand that separates you from everyone else. Companies want an individual that stands out and has a unique look, a unique way of training. 2. You need to grow with a company. Social media is huge! You’ll be able to promote yourself and the company, which will help sponsors find you. If you have a following, it helps the company. 3. Have background knowledge in the product a company promotes, its all about them! Use their product so you can turn around and answer questions the daily consumer may have. Know whats out there and make a connection with a certain company.
Neon had contacted me and I got to work with them at the Olympia. I made an impact and they ended up signing me at the Arnold the next year. Remember, a sponsor wants someone who can make an impact and stand out and grow with them.

SMG: You’re obviously well developed throughout your entire body, can you share your philosophy regarding fitness and how you approach your workouts?

AH: I approach my workouts with intensity. My training style has always been super heavy and I love challenging myself. I have always lifted with guys so its hard for me to compare myself to other females in the industry or even at the gym. When people say they lifted X amount of weight…its hard to compare because I’m constantly comparing myself to the strength of men. Training in general, its important to know when to lift heavy and when to use higher reps, limited rest etc. It’s important to research and find a great trainer. I had a coach in the beginning but have gained the knowledge of what works for my body. I truly believe in the intense training. If you don’t go in at 100% you won’t get 100%.

SMG: We all have that one day that isn’t as exciting as the others, what is yours and how do you get yourself pumped to attack that muscle group?

AH: Surprisingly its arm day! {laughs} The feeling of pump in my arms…I am just not a fan! Usually on those days, I lift with someone. They will tell me when to be there and I have to be there. I just see it as I have to work every muscle group whether or not I like it. We all have our favorites but you can’t build a great physique without working every muscle in your body.

SMG: Can you share a summary of how you approach diet and nutrition?

AH: In the past I believed in the whole “clean eating” fad, but now with understanding nutrition, I do use flexible dieting but I include whole foods. Basically, what I tell people is to walk on the outside aisles at grocery stores and pick what you would find in nature. Meats, fruits, etc. It is a diet that is more maintainable on and off season. I always believe that if you can’t maintain your diet right now, you can’t maintain it in the future. Nutrition is so important for fueling while training. I’ve done the drastic dieting and, I don’t want to say it was bad, but it was hard to maintain.

SMG: You’re sponsored, a WBFF pro fitness diva, and you look awesome…once you reach that level, what are your goals?

AH: I’m very blessed and thankful for what I’ve achieved, in such a short amount of time. I turned pro in less than 3 years and obtained sponsors in less than 3 years. I’m thankful to and for my sponsors. Neon sport is such a great company to work with, they help me so much to get out there. My goals are to keep working with Neon sport and to help grow the company and to get my own brand out there as well with my own website. I want to start online training. I want to help individuals with their fitness goals, whether its competing or losing 10-20 pounds so they feel healthier. It isn’t easy and I want to help with that. I want to continue to inspire people and help in that way. Actually I just got 2 magazine covers, so another goal would be to continue to achieve more covers.

SMG: Speaking of goals, how long have you been in the fitness world, and how have your goals changed from the beginning to now?

AH: Prior to competing, I started lifting weights at the end of 2011. My first show was 2012. Prior to that I was the typical college student: went out, drank, ate bad food. I ran five miles a day and did abs and I thought that would be good enough to burn the calories of what I was eating! I was active as a child, in every sport possible, but never did I think I would be on stage competing. In college I did horseback riding and was on track and field, but I never lifted weights. If I could have seen into the future and me competing on stage, I never would have seen that. I’m actually going to take 2015 off and then compete in 2016. This year I’ll focus on my health and on my own brand.

SMG: Ok, topic change, if we went to the gym right now, what song would you play to get yourself amped as fast as possible?

AH: Oh gosh! haha um, I honestly don’t even know. I’m a total EDM junky I guess, I’m always listening to different songs or stations. If you turn on any EDM song or station that is what fuels my fire I guess you could say!

SMG: I’m a big EDM fan too! I like you even more haha Back to nutrition, what is one supplement you think most women overlook that they shouldn’t?

AH: The average woman overlooks whey. A lot of women don’t take in as much protein as they should. Another, not necessarily towards women but, taking BCAA’s throughout the entire day to keep up with protein synthesis. Usually people just take it during or after their workout, but its important to use between meals and throughout the whole day. Right now I’m actually undergoing a lot of hormone issues, so the other thing I would recommend would be for women to go to the doctor to get checked up at least twice a year. Hormones are played with so much with competing, so its important to pay attention to.

SMG: Best compliment a guy can give you?

AH: Probably have to say…every girl likes to hear that they have a nice butt. However, I think the best is when a guy says I have really defined or developed quads. Or delts! Quads and delts are my favorite to lift.

SMG: Fit women certainly love different compliments! haha Thank you so much for the time Ashley, you’re awesome and we’re excited to feature you this week. Good luck in 2015!

Find Ashley Hoffmann:
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