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Chances are, you’ve seen our SMG Feature before. Her pictures can be found all over Instagram and Pinterest for the fact that she is motivating and a woman who definitely lifts. She shares recipes, exercises, and most importantly, her journey through the fitness process. We decided to catch up with the trainer and competitor, read below!

Spot Me Girl: So first, give everyone some background. You are, or just recently were, a PNBA bikini competitor. Can you explain that division, what do they look for that differs from NPC, and also what Brittany Dawn Fitness is all about?

Brittany Dawn: Yes! I turned Pro in the Bikini Division of the PNBA league, and I love it! The only difference is that its a natural league, so every athlete that steps on stage is drug tested. I’ve always believed in having a fair chance, and so that’s why the PNBA became appealing to me. “Brittany Dawn Fitness” is all about finding balance between fitness, nutrition, and life. I spent too long going to extremes while battling eating disorders, and I’m helping girls find that balance for themselves.

SMG: You are pretty open and honest about your weight struggles, is that what motivated you to start competing and become a personal trainer?

BD: When I was overweight, I was inspired to change myself.. and so I did. It wasn’t until after I fell into anorexia and became extremely underweight that I was even introduced to competing. I took it as a ‘way out’…and it was. It introduced me to the training and nutrition that I still follow to this day. Being able to look back at what I used to be motivates me to push even harder!

SMG: Obviously, a beautiful lady like yourself probably gets a lot of attention…First, do you have a boyfriend? Second, for the men out there looking for their “fitchick”, what are the worse things you’ve heard from a guy trying to impress you?

BD: Haha! I actually giggled at this question, because its so ironic. Just the other day I had a guy ask me if I needed help unracking my weights…do I look like I need your help?! I have an amazing boyfriend, Zach, and he’s into training and fitness as well! I actually got asked out on a lunch date while I was on the leg press one day. I was so shocked and pissed all at the same time that I stormed off the floor for a few minutes, hah! Its just rude and inconsiderate in my opinion, because chances are if a girl is really training hard, she’s not there to pick up a date. The questions and lines that I’ve had thrown at me are endless. I get a good laugh in, and then get right back to work.

SMG: Seriously? While in the leg press?! haha Thats a definite no-no! You mentioned that your boyfriend trains as well…sometimes women who lift are turned off by guys who can’t lift as much as them. Do you have any major turn offs fitness related?

BD: Guys who try to act all bad-ass or high and mighty in the gym, guys who are flexing in the mirror every chance they get, and guys that make the loudest noise possible while they’re lifting. I understand if you make a grunt or two while you’re finishing that last set…but every set of every exercise? No, get out of here! LOL!

SMG: I’ve definitely experienced that a time or two! So, some ladies like a six pack, while others are all about strong arms…what is your favorite part of a guy? Keep it clean lady! haha

BD: Arms! Definitely arms! Luckily my man has a pretty good set on him! Legs as well! There is nothing more attractive than a guy that has a good set of wheels too!

SMG: You have amazing legs! Shredded and long! What are some of your go to moves to help build muscle and carve out some definition like you’re rocking?

BD: I love deadlifts! They are my go-to exercise on leg day, and I refuse to finish a training session without throwing some sets of them in. My quads naturally develop faster than my hamstrings, so I make sure to put an emphasis on my glutes and hamstrings when I train. I also love squats, lunges, single leg isolation moves!

SMG: Looking at your Instagramhref>, you are no stranger to a sweet tooth! What are some of your biggest cravings, and what are modifications you’ve made so you can enjoy yourself a little?

BD: Anyone that follows me on Instagramhref> knows that I have an Oreo every day, they’re my ‘must have’! I either have waffles, pancakes, or my infamous proyo at night with an Oreo and peanut butter on top. That curbs any cravings that I have, and Flexible Dieting has really allowed me to find that balance. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to enjoy the foods that I love, and still reach my fitness goals! People get shocked when they see me buying Oreos at the store.. my reply is always “as long as it fits my macros!” As far as my favorite ‘treat meal’.. froyo wins that by a long shot!

SMG: So, you recently decided to stop competing. What was your reason and what is in the future for Brittany Dawn Fitness?

BD: I did decide to step down from competing, and it was a tough decision to make but it was for the best. I started feeling like I was ‘going through the motions’.. and I’m a person that cannot stand that feeling. I think I stepped on stage because I felt like I had to, not because it was what I loved doing. I fell in love with this industry, this lifestyle, and the daily training. Competing was just something that I did on the side. I love training, I love coaching, and I love modeling.. so that is what my future will be focusing on.

SMG: It’s awesome that you recognized that, it sounds like you’ll be remaining very busy! Like I said before, I think you’re rocking some killer legs! But what is your favorite body part aesthetically and what is your favorite to train?

BD: My favorite body part aesthetically are my legs! They haven’t always been though, I used to hate them. When I was anorexic, all I wanted was a thigh gap. I was so happy when I finally had one, and even then it wasn’t enough. Now that I’ve fallen in love with training and bodybuilding, my legs have become my favorite thing about my body. It’s funny how this lifestyle completely alters your mindset too. My favorite body parts to train are my shoulders and legs!

SMG: Your Facebookhref> is all about motivation for those that are trying to be healthier, if you could give a piece of advice to anyone about fitness, what would it be?

BD: Don’t give up, and don’t expect the changes to come overnight. I’ve been training for two years, and I’m still trying to better myself every day. I think a lot of people start their fitness journey with the idea in mind that once you reach your goals, you’re done. This is a lifestyle, and you’re not going to reach your goals overnight. It takes consistency, persistence, and a lot of work. The most important part is finding what works for you! Everyone is different, and I think that once you find what you love, it all just clicks and falls into place after that!

SMG: You’re absolutely right, and that’s amazing advice. Thanks so much for sitting down and chatting with Spot Me Girl! We think you’re pretty awesome and are a great example of female fitness, which we are obviously all about 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

Find out more about Brittany Dawn by visiting www.bdawnfit.comhref>size>

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