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Have you ever had that time when you know that you have to hit the gym, but your Netflix obsession isn’t letting you? Well, they just found a solution to it.

So think about this. You go the gym and one of the characters of your favorite shows is screaming at you to workout. Seems like a dream, right? We thought that too. It definitely seems too good to be true.

Netflix, recently under its ‘Make It’ campaign, has created this project much like the Netflix socks that came out last year, we guess. Making one is not as easy as it seems to be, though.

You’ll definitely need a little knowledge to create one, especially basic knowledge electronics and programming. Most of us can count how much is on a bar from across the gym, but there aren’t too many that really fit the bill.

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Anyways, Netflix has created a basic motherboard which you can purchase to make things easier. But you will still have to know basic soldering and get some tools they have listed here. You’ll even have to customize your code using an ‘Arduino Sketch’ that the Netflix team has provided.  This trainer can connect to either your phone or your tablet through Bluetooth.

It also uses an accelerometer which is designed to monitor the activity level when you work out. What you have to do is to set a level, kind of like a threshold level above which you will work out. Suppose you feel like you’ve wasted a workout and you want to go hard in the gym – set your threshold level very high.

Every time you fall below the level that you have set, your Netflix show, if you have kept one on while working out, will either pause or your music will get muted, and when you again reach that level, it will turn on again. You can also set up some music using the code that you would have written.

Seems like a fair deal to us, especially if you are suffering from a Netflix addiction. If some of your friends are, make sure to share this article with them, maybe you can get your friends to have a fitness mentality and literally change their life.

Remember, if you don’t have a personal favorite character, the Netflix trainer will automatically detect which character faceplate is attached and that will be your coach for the rest of your workout.

Now, all you have to do is connect your phone via Bluetooth to the device that you have created. Once it connects, the LED light will stay on permanently. There will be three LED lights. If all three are on, it would mean that you are well above your threshold whereas just one LED on would mean that you are below your threshold.

Everything is done and complete. All you need to do now is get that butt to the gym and get on the grind. If you still can’t get to the gym and watch Netflix, there is only one option. Cancel your subscription from Netflix because honestly, there is no other option.

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