10 Reasons You Should Be Having As Much Sex As Possible

The benefits of sex are more than just giving you a pick me up. As women, we are obsessed with our beauty regimens. We devote ourselves to multiple exfoliating treatments per week, often after sweating through a good lifting or cardio sessions. Sweat may clog your pores, but getting it on in the bedroom is one workout that will leave your skin with a youthful glow.

10 Ways That More Sex Will Keep You Healthy And Beautiful

1. Immunity Boost

No need for any sugary orange juice, sex is your new vitamin C supplement. Having sex once or twice a week actually increases the levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which fights off pesky colds and infections. If sexy encounters mean a stronger immune system (or vice-versa), we’re all for it.


2. Healthy Heart

A study shows that men who get it on more than two times per week have a lower risk of heart disease than men who have sex less than once a month. Also, sex increases a woman’s levels of estrogen, which combats heart disease too. Have more sex with your man—improve his heart health and yours. It’s a win-win.

heart attack

3. Natural Pain Killer

Got a headache? Well, sex can be more effective than popping some Tylenol. It makes your body release oxytocin, which increases endorphins and decreases pain. Sex also accelerates the healing of wounds. You can’t find that in your medicine cabinet.


4. Maybe She’s Born With It

…or maybe she just has a lot of sex. Having a regular amount of intercourse is proven to increase the body’s production of collagen. This means fewer wrinkles later on in life. Less money spent on anti-aging lotions and potions and more fun with your partner.


5. Shiny Hair!

Hair is something that gym-going women struggle with on the daily. Dry shampoos are often damaging. Luckily, there’s a better way to get healthy and shiny hair: SEX! The more sex you have, the quicker your body metabolizes nutrients. And as a bonus, this helps your fingernails stay strong and healthy too!

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6. Let’s Get Hormonal

Sex balances your hormones. This may help clear up hormonal acne. Balanced hormones can also boost your mood, which is a helpful benefit at any life stage.


7. Confidence Is Sexy

Actually, it works both ways. The more sex you have, the more confident you become. And the best sex is when you and your partner are both confident.


8. Get down, Slim Down

Sex is a workout. After, you feel exhausted and hungry and rightfully so. We burn about 170 calories on average per hour of active sex which adds up to a pound of fat after 21 hour-long sessions… So it may be a bit excessive, and it can’t substitute regular cardio sessions. But, I mean, it’s still more fun than listening to the same old playlist while you go on a 4-mile jog.

sex work

9. Sleepy Time

Ever wonder why guys pass out after a good romping? It’s not that he doesn’t like to cuddle. Once again, oxytocin is to blame. An orgasm releases a bunch of it. So, next time you are having trouble sleeping, see if your partner is up for a quickie.


10. Don’t Stress

Like any good cardio, your blood pressure will rise during sex. And long-term, your blood pressure will lower. When you’re stressed out, skip the snacking. Instead, grab your partner for some sexy time.

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