6 Hilarious Struggles Of Shopping As A Female Lifter

The struggle is REAL

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Shopping as a woman who lifts can be pretty comical. Clothing is simply not designed to fit your muscular body. This is why half of your closet is filled with gym clothes. The struggle is very real.


Here Are Six Hilarious Struggles Of Shopping As A Female Lifter:

1. Skinny Jeans, You’re Kidding, Right?

Even if the jeans are in your size, it feels like you’re fresh out of the shower with a wet body trying to squeeze yourself into these things. It’s beyond frustrating. Doing a little dance helps pull them up over your quads. We both know that leggings are the better choice.

Skinny Jeans

2. Blazers Never Fit Your Shoulders

I’m sorry if you’re required to dress up for work. When you have a toned upper body, you look like one of those one-legged air dancers at car dealerships when trying on and removing a blazer.


3. Shirts, We Bust Out Of Them!

A button-up shirt will make you feel like the Incredible Hulk. They are almost always too tight around the arms, chest, shoulders. and latsAny sudden movements, you may cause a giant tear. Tank tops and racerbacks, please!

4. Dresses Are Out Of Our Comfort Zone!

Dresses are just simply out of your comfort zone, and the very thought of wearing one may cause you to roll your eyes. A muscular upper body makes finding a dress much more challenging especially a strapless one. Your well-developed back makes it almost impossible to zip up.

Batman in a dress

5. High Heels Are Just Awkward

Gym shoes will always be our go-to shoe, but sometimes we have to give them a rest and set out to find that perfect pair of heels. High heel shopping is a debacle. If it weren’t for your strong, muscular calves, you’d probably look like a baby giraffe learning to walk when wearing heels. Deep down, though, you’d much rather be wearing your gym shoes.

6. Where Did Our Boobs Go?

Unfortunately, when women start to lose body fat, they have to kiss their boobs goodbye. A smaller cup size and a broader band make finding a bra size pretty tricky. Hey, just switch to sports bras or don’t wear a bra at all. Embrace those new curves!

In the end, as much of a struggle shopping can be, you’re happy with your lifestyle choice. You worked hard for these curves, and you wouldn’t trade them for anything!


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