This Beer Is Made Specifically To Drink In A Shower!

Your prayers have been answered.

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It’s not often a company can capitalize on a popular trend. Drinking an ice cold beer in a nice, warm shower is something many people enjoy on a daily basis. Don’t believe me? Go to your favorite social media, search for #showerbeer and find out for yourself.

Shower Beer

Drinking beer in the shower enhances your senses and allows you to get the full flavor and effect from your beer. Yuengling, Ballast Point, and Sierra Nevada all craft great beers that taste great while standing in a hot and relaxing shower.

But now, a Swedish brewery has crafted a beer specifically meant to be drunk in the shower. Next time you reach into your fridge to grab a cold brewski, you may want to replace your current favorite with this shower beer.

Shower Beer

So which brewery is making shower beer?

PangPang Brewery is the company responsible for this game-changing beer. Fredrik Tunedal is the founder and brains behind this revolutionary beer.

PangPang Brewery

“The idea for a Shower Beer is a universal thing, I think. As a brewer I work long and hard days, and when I come home I’m often covered in malt dust (my girlfriend actually calls me Mr. Malty Pants) and the shower is a gateway back to normal society.” Tunedal told Vice’s MUNCHIES.

Upon some research, it became apparent Fredrik’s huge vision and humble beginnings did not stop him from his love of craft beer. PangPang Brewery is the smallest in Sweden, with Fredrik running every aspect of the business.

PangPang Brewery

Currently, PangPang is located in a basement room beneath a residential building in Hökarängen, which is a quiet neighborhood in the far south part of Stockholm. Fredrik started as a homebrewer, and now he brews in equipment for PangPang with equipment he has scraped together or built himself. The scary thing is this equipment is extremely efficient.

PangPang Brewery

Sweden’s distribution process is much different than here in the States. Breweries are allowed to make direct sales to bars and restaurants, which allows them to develop strong relationships with their customers.

PangPang Brewery

Sweden also controls the sale of alcohol through a state-run liquor store monopoly that allows breweries to legally have the right to sell their beer in the nearest three stores. Getting wider distribution is challenging. Fredrik has been busy jumping through many regulatory hoops to reach his target audience.

PangPang ran into their first issues with this monopolistic system in his label review. The labels have been crafted in the style of noir comics that show both an elegant but violent connotation.

PangPang Brewery

His original label for Puttin’ In Hours Pale Ale was actually rejected due to it’s suggestive content. He revised the label, the artist removed the blood from the character’s collar and removed the chalk outline from the missing axe in the background.

PangPang Brewery

Fredrik’s desire for precision and keeping his recipe secret shows how much care he puts into each of his beers. It is great to see a craft like this alive and well.

PangPang Brewery

We were unable to find anyone selling this tasty treat in the United States yet, but this is a huge trend, and we believe other smaller breweries may catch on and create some great beers to enjoy in a shower near you.

Wrapping It Up

Beer may not be your thing, but a hot shower and a cold drink after a long day of work or a great training session does sound pretty awesome. If PangPang manages to get Shower Beer into the States, this 10% beer will definitely deliver a great start to the end of your day.

Girl Shower Beer

Never tried drinking a cold one in the shower? Grab yourself a wine or beer shower holder and get your sip on.


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