15 Unanticipated Side Effects Of Getting Fit

When did this happen?

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You never saw yourself doing or saying these things until fitness became a lifestyle. Side effects can be good and bad. If fitness is your thing, you can relate to these in a heartbeat.

1. You look at other girls differently

You look at girls and ask yourself if they squat or not? You categorize them as cardio bunnies or lifters.

2. You finally understand why some bathrooms have that handicap rail

Along with this comes the glorious Leg-day walk, A.K.A the prison walk.

3. Your wardrobe starts to resemble the active wear section of a sports store

You begin to take pride in your look and what you wear to the gym.  Bright colors say, “Check me out because I AM A BEAST!”

4. Everyone thinks you’re a personal trainer

People will ask you just about anything, especially if you compete.

5. If you have a cheat meal, you have to justify it to people

People seem to think you’re not allowed to have one. But who cares! It’s the highlight of your day, maybe even week.

6.  All the hot fitness chicks you follow on social media may cause people to question your sexuality

You follow them because they inspire you. Though, some people see it a little differently…


7.  You buy clothing based on what makes your muscles look best

You start ending up with a lot of sleeveless shirts and tank tops. You have worked hard, and now you must show those muscles off to the world at any given chance.

8. You see a mirror and find yourself flexing

You will flex anywhere and everywhere because you love to see your progress. Even though you low key make fun of people who flex in public.

9. You hate it when people call you skinny

And you sternly correct them. You are FIT! NOT SKINNY!

10. Your dishwasher, sink, gym bag, and car are full of shaker cups and tupperware.

With this comes the dreaded forgotten protein shaker. You open it and still cannot comprehend how something can smell so vile.

11. You love when people notice your gains

You love when people say things like, “You are lookin’ swole!” or “Your butt is getting bigger!”

12. You go on an emotional roller coaster about yourself

One day you feel like the king of the world. The next, you think, why do I do this to myself? I’ll just eat these Oreos, and everything will be okay. The next day, you hate yourself for it! It’s a vicious cycle.

13. You start to claim things at the gym

You have a particular locker and new members who mess up this routine annoy you.


14. You look forward to #FlexFriday

You now have guns to flex, and you want to show the world!

15. You love it when people ask to see your abs

Of course, I will show you my six-pack!

So, while some side effects are irritating, looking and feeling your best counteracts them.

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