Your Love Life Summed Up By Your Sleeping Positions

Here’s What You Need To Know

sleeping position
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While it may not seem something very important but in reality, your sleeping position, can be, in a passive-aggressive way, tell that “I’m pissed”, “I don’t trust you” or “I can’t get enough of you.” It also tells a lot about your love life and in short can be a way to tell the kind of person you are.

sleeping position

So, without further ado, here are a few sleeping positions that say a lot about your love life. Don’t you want to know who you’re sharing your bed with and who’s wearing the pants in a relationship? Explore below.

Sleeping Positions and Love Life

1. The Freedom Lovers

The Freedom Lovers

This position is like the Cliffhanger and is close enough so that both the partners are still at a touching distance from each other. These type of partners show that they need a good deal of space for a good night’s sleep and tells that both will live a long and happy life.

2. Back to Back

Back to Back

A very traditional position for falling asleep while both the partners enjoy the contact and the closeness. It’s kind of a comfort, intimacy, and a perfect compromise in every aspect of life. These couples are very happy.

3. Reverse Spoon

Reverse Spoon

This is the position where the man shows his softer side and allows himself to be cared for and be protected. While the woman has the reverse role, and so called the reverse spoon and shows that she is a modern day woman.

4. Classic Spoon

Classic Spoon

This is the opposite to the reverse spoon where SHE lets him wrap himself around her for the cuddling to be completely fulfilled. While the man here shows a kind of protective instinct by keeping her snug and warm.

5. The Love Knot

The Love Knot

Here, both the partners face each having their legs in a knot style for 10-15 minutes. Once, they are in deep sleep, the knots will automatically be undone when either one changes his/her position. This type indicates a relationship between equals and latent erotic tension.

6. Cliffhanger


This is the typical position when the relationship isn’t quite right among the two. The partners sleep on opposite sides of the bed and not facing each other. Either one of them is on the right edge with one of his body part hanging over the other side. If this position continues for long, then you need to have some serious discussion.

7. The Crab (left side)

The Crab

This position has several forms but there is no body contact. Normally, it represents that one of them needs some space and freedom. Sometimes, partners do cuddle but may not always.

8. The Roof

The Roof

This is the position where both the partners lie on their backs while SHE cuddles into the armpit of the man. This usually happens when both of them are about to sleep and is a clear indication of male dominance while feminine devotion. A strong relationship though.

9. Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

This is the position where both HE and SHE lie face to face without any body contact. It usually happens in the pre-stages of a strong relationship. The couples must look into each other’s eyes and talk.

10. Hollywood


Doesn’t it appear familiar to how movie stars sleep? In this position, HE lies on his back while the girl nestles into like a purring kitten. The head rests on the chest of the man while legs are entwined. More like a honeymoon phase but can be uncomfortable if kept for a very long time.

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