How To Choose The Perfect Sports Bra For You And Your Girls

At any size!

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We have all learned it the hard way. Sports bras are not all made the same or even for the same activities. The wrong sports bra can quickly ruin your workout.


When shopping for the best sports bra at any size, especially for high-intensity workouts, look for these key components:

1. The Wider The Better

Wide straps offer a lot more support than the skinny straps. The more fabric that wraps around your shoulders, the more the weight of your breasts evenly distributes on your shoulders. Bra straps digging into your shoulders are not only painful, but can also cause headaches, body pain, and possibly nerve damage. No need for that kind of distraction when you’re getting your sweat on. It’s also a sign that your bra is not the right fit. Even though it is important to have wider straps to avoid discomfort, the band of your sports bra should support the majority of the weight from your breasts. Another thing to be aware of is the back of your bra. If it is sitting too high on your back, your straps are too tight. When the back of your bra rides up too high, it’s another sign that your bra straps are trying to compensate for what the band should be doing. 


2. Racerbacks Hold It Down Better

Racerback sports bras typically have a Y or V structure in the back. This gives superior support as opposed to T-shaped bras. This style of bra prevents straps from moving or slipping and allows the bra to grip you better around your back. Again, the rule of thumb is also the wider, the better. Racerback sports bras bring the straps together between your shoulder blades. This will alleviate even more pressure from your shoulders. Racerbacks combined with wide straps and proper structure will help prevent up to 50% of bounce and movement. No need to hold down the girls with your hands while running! 


3. Ditch Small, Medium, and Large!

Breasts cannot be easily categorized into three sizes. Brands tend to have broad interpretations of what “small,” “medium,” or “large” means. When shopping for the perfect sports bra, cup and band size are crucial to getting the right fit. Intimate and sport apparel companies are becoming more and more inclusive for even the smallest and largest sizes of breasts. Band sizes can range from 32 to 40, and cup sizes typically range from A to DDD cups. Going into one of these stores for a proper fitting will be your best bet. Many times, women find that S, M, and L sports bras have too loose of bands and too small of a cup. An adjustable clasp will help achieve the best fit possible. Some sports bras have a “bra within a bra” design that offer you a cupped bra underneath a spandex wrapping of a sports bra on top. This is the best option for larger breasts. Instead of layering bras, ladies, look for a two-in-one bra that provides you with what you need.


4. Avoid Removable Lining

There’s nothing worse than those pesky, removable lining cups that so many sports bras have. After one wash or wear, the lining pads can get mangled from the water or your sweat, damaging the original shape of the lining. Also, the purpose of the removable lining is typically for smoothing over the nipple. So, it doesn’t actually provide any structural support. Bras that have built-in cups provide a more structured home for your breasts.


Sports bras mostly rely on spandex to give your breasts the support they need. That’s why it’s important to treat sports bra with the same delicacy that you would with your most delicate intimates. The heat from the dryer breaks down the spandex. Be sure to wash them in cold water on a low spin cycle. Lay flat or hang dry so your sports bras last longer. Sports bras have a lifespan of about six months. The better you take care of them, the longer they will last. Your boobs will thank you!


Some Great Options: 

Victoria’s Secret: Incredible Sports Bra and Knockout Front-Close Sports Bra 3240, ADDD

Under Armour: UA Armour High Sports Bra 3238, ADD

Sweaty Betty: Ultra Run Bra 3236, AE

By Dominique Zumwalt

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